All you need to know about DDK’s Reward Mechanism

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With the notable market increase and evolution of a number of cryptocurrencies, they have become the talk of the town. The token money has also spawned countless benefits and applications to a myriad of industries. If you are interested in this niche, you must have noticed that not every platform boosting some kind of cryptocurrency gets success. It is not wrong if we say that reward programmes make the difference.

An incentive-based rewards methodology means providing incentives or compensation to attract potential investors. Likewise, DDK community has also introduced some form of bounty programmes. DDK offers incentives to the community members to entice them for active participation and contribution to the security and productivity of the platform.

DDK platform offers the following rewards to the community members:

● DDKoin holder Reward/Stakeholder Reward

● Overriding Reward/Referral System Reward

● Delegates Reward

Stakeholders’ Staking Rewards

This kind of reward is given to the stakeholders, who freeze their DDKoins in a staking contract for 6 months. Resultantly, they can receive a reward of 10% on the staked amount for the first 12 months, which gradually declines by 2% every six months until the rewards reach by 2% and will stop when the allocation is finished.

Reward Scale for Staking

This is not all as you must remember that a stakeholder will be given staking reward only if he completes 4 times voting in a month. Furthermore, in every voting session, a stakeholder can select minimum 1 and maximum 3 delegates with the same fee. 0.01% from his staked amount will be deducted as a fee against voting right. When a stakeholder votes for 4 times in a month, he will get DDKoin as a reward.

Airdrop/Referral System Rewards

Referral System Rewards or Airdrop Rewards are the ones that are distributed among the community members for specific activities carried out on the platform. These rewards include:

a) Direct Rewards

Direct rewards are given to the stakeholders for referring new members to the platform. When a new referred member freezes DDKoin for staking, stakeholder receives a 10% referral reward based on the referee’s staking amount.

b) Chain Referral

This is the kind of reward that community members receive from their chain of referees. It means that stakeholders receive indirect rewards from the referee’s of their direct referrals. In DDK, there is a 15 level chain referral reward system. This reward is based on staking and “chain network” stakeholders become eligible through their referral links.

Delegates Rewards

Delegates get rewards in percentage amount deducted from the amount being transferred. It means they will receive some percentage of token money against every transaction.

There are so many ways of winning rewards in DDK platform that people who come on board with us are always very happy with their achievements. If you want to join this wonderful community, you can get some DDKoins from our trusted delegates and start reaping their benefits. Good luck.

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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