CoinMarketCap Introduces New Ranking Metric

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CMC CoinMarketCap to announce its modified ranking methodology, seeking fairer ranking of cryptocurrencies on its platforms. CMC Coin Market Cap declares it a significant landmark that will ensure crypto assets right declaration/representation in the ranking compared to others.

In its previous update, CMC banished some cryptocurrencies being ranked among top 200 following some due factors that hindered fair representation. Following it, some cryptocurrencies had to suffer a lot falling their ranking from 1000.

But, the next methodology of CMC, applicable from Monday, September 2, will address the issue by fixing the drop and letting cryptos to regain their ranking. The new segmentation will implement as follows:

Cryptoassets Ranks 1–200: Currencies and cryptoassets with defined cap other than those that do not abide by section 10 and which low 24 hours volume.

Cryptoassets Ranks 201+: Cryptocurrencies with market cap.

Others: All cryptocurrencies without a market cap or with undefined market cap.

Moreover, CMC also to introduce liquidity issues and concerns around inflated volumes. According to its official blog, volumes are not enough ranking factors in cryptocurrencies case, and the platform is hence introducing a relatively new playground based — liquidity-based metric.

In all being one of the emerging cryptos using cutting-edge DPOS blockchain technology, DDKOIN also listed on CoinMarketCap that promises offering robust details to crypto enthusiasts. So, DDK coin holders can easily grab the real-time information about the coin on CMC and can forecast its future behavior. It gives them the right crypto-related information that others lack.

The coin ranking platform will also come up with enhanced updates by November 2019.

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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