DDK: A community platform where you earn cryptos by staking and voting

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The blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world of investments. Many organizations are launching their ICOs and we see a new whitepaper launched every week. But in this world of cryptocurrencies, one should only opt for a secure option featuring an attractive ROI. I see many South Asian countries being particularly active in investing in cryptocurrencies and one of their projects that really caught my eye was DDK.

To begin with, DDK is a community-based platform that creates economic opportunities through the careful utilization of blockchain solutions. On DDK platform people earn by staking coins and voting for delegates. The best thing about this project is that it involves staking rewards to compensate stakeholders instead of focusing on miners/delegates. This is really unique for blockchain-powered crypto projects.

What makes it more interesting is the percentage of the stalking rewards. The initial staking rewards begin at 10% for the first 12 months. So far so good, but then after every 6 months, the percentage declines gradually by 2%. This goes on until the stalking rewards reach 2% and after that, it doesn’t decline any further and stays constant. This entire process is dependent on the voting of delegates. Stakeholders can vote for delegates who then in return give them a percentage of their earnings.

Interestingly, DDKoin has limited supply of 45 million and from this amount only 8.6% is pre-mined while the majority of it remains unmined. Since DDK already secures an existing community of 180k users, and has a low fee factor supporting it, it becomes highly suitable for micro-payment. Furthermore, DDK utilizes DPoS, a democratic protocol with the most decentralized consensus, which allows users to enjoy enhanced security and financial benefits. DDK Platform is cost-effective, time-saving and is secured by passphrase allowing quicker transactions.

Another way of earning DDKoins is through the Airdrop rewards offered through direct and chain referrals. Referring new stakeholders on the platform rewards you 10% of their frozen DDKoins that are placed for staking. DDK also has a 15 level chain referral reward that is based on staking. It is received via the “chain network” of registered users through referral links. DDK further offers an encouraging allocation of bounty rewards to community members that promote the platform using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, Instagram and DDK Forum. The bounty program of DDK takes place after every 6 months.

My personal view about this platform is that it is a great place to invest in a secure cryptocurrency and earn from it. It is a good place for earning staking rewards and also becoming a delegate to have a further shot at increased rewards. The delegates can run their campaigns offering some meaningful project of benefits for the people who vote for them.

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain. www.ddkoin.com

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