DDK Blockchain Core 2.1 Update

Dear DDK Stakeholders,

As you know DDK Team is always working hard on providing you with the best blockchain platform. This is why our developers have been working on the DDK Blockchain Core 2.1 and would like to share the latest updates with you in an announcement.

As to finalized the launching of the DDK Blockchain Core 2.1, please be informed that there are FOUR (4) STAGES OF THE FINAL PHASE TO MAINNET DDK BLOCKCHAIN CORE 2.1.

1. Alpha Phase — TestNet

2. Beta Phase — TestNet

3. Gamma Phase — Mainnet

4. Delta Phase — Mainnet

To read the whole announcement please click on the link below:


We are working hard to complete the new core and we will keep you all updated on all developments being done.

We highly appreciate your cooperation.


DDK Foundation

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