DDK Bounty Program: How to Join It?

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All over social media, you are coming across learning the relaunching of DDK bounty program. Wandering what is it or do you need complete information about it? Here we are to help you.

What is DDK Bounty Program?

DDK’s bounty program is a useful program that aims at providing the edge to DDK community. It allows you to earn maximum incentives in the form of DDKOINs by doing simple and easy tasks of promoting DDK platforms seeking new investors.

How Does DDK Bounty Program Work?

Feel interested to get DDKoin through this Bounty Program? Here’s is the way how you can submit your participation to us.

DDK bounty program contains many categories, and a participant has to enroll in one of them.

After taking part in a challenge, a participant needs to submit a record of his activities, name, country, phone number, DDK wallet address via email at ddkbounty@gmail.com.

User must have to mention the relevant category name in his email’s subject.

Once rouser submits his proof of participation, DDK Bounty Program team evaluates the application; if it meets the standards, the team sends it to the top management.

As soon as top management approves the application, the finance unit will award DDKOIN to the winner.

What are DDK Bounty Program Categories?


Applying for DDK Facebook Bounty Program is so simple. You just have to create and share creative, yet informative stuff about DDK on your Facebook profile. Further, you have to get the maximum number of shares to gain more rewards. Based on shares, you can receive up to USD 300.


To be a part of DDK’s Twitter activities. Follow DDK Twitter official. Post DDK related content in your tweets with DDK hashtags or website address, and get retweets. A person with a high number of retweets will be eligible to claim for bounty reward.


Create a telegram channel and post worth-sharing content, news and updates about DDK on it. Get maximum subscribers as DDK will reward you based on a number of subscribers and useful content. A channel with 5,000 subscribers will earn USD 300.

DDK Forum

Upgrade your avatar to DDK Hero, DDK Sifu, DDK Champion, or DDK Master, and share creative and informative stuff related to DDK. Posts with high endorsements, i.e., like and comments will win DDKOINs.

YouTube And Media

Contestants have to create an original video about DDK and earn maximum views to win DDK reward.

Translation & Moderation

For this category, it is crucial to moderate and update every thread, news, and updates about DDK regularly.

Others Categories:

DDK has expanded its Bounty Program Categories this year by introducing options for others category also such as blog and website creation, listing DDKOIN in Blockfolio, and bug identification in DDK platform.

Can We Participate in More than One Categories?

Yes, absolutely if you are proactive to handle more than once channels/categories side by side, you are welcome to participate in multiple categories. However, for each participation, you will enroll through a separate email with its respective subject line.

Is it necessary to be a stakeholder before participating for DDK Bounty Program?

No, you don’t have to be a stakeholder to participate in the bounty program. However, you must have to create DDK account to get rewards in your DDK wallet.

In the end, we are hopeful that the above-mentioned points have successfully addressed your ambiguities about DDK Bounty Program. Feel free to write us for further assistance.

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