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DDK has launched its delegates support channel to act as a bridge between delegates and developers. The lead developer, the Eska team has provided this channel which can be accessed using the following link (https://ddksupport.skc.today/login). There has been a communication gap between the delegates and developers previously making things difficult, but with DDK support channel available they will be in contact directly.
To be able to use the given link, the delegates need to register themselves on the platform. To complete the profile, certain information needs to be filled. These details include email, username, password, full name, DDK address, DDK passphrase, and country. Apart from this SSH key, SSH login, SSH password, and IP address are required.
Once the delegates have registered themselves, they can use the services provided by the Delegates Support Channel. These services include being able to directly communicate with developers to make sure that their server specs, nodes connection, and service providers are working according to the developers’ advice. This service is provided to help the delegates to immediately find a solution to any problem they might be facing. Delegates. All DDK Delegates, either public or trusted, need to use this channel to communicate with the developers to set up their nodes.
Support channels are of no use if they are not solving your problems in time. To avoid delays in responses, the DDK Delegates Support Channel has a response time of 12 hours. Apart from this, there will be live responses during the working hours in Ukraine. This bridge will not only speed up the processes within the DDK system but also provide help readily available for any delegate


DDK Delegates Support Channel — DDK BLOGS

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