DDK is Supported by the 5 Pillars of Open Blockchain

DDK is a great blockchain to be affiliated with. They have a very usable and functional coin called DDKoin. This coin is already being used for transactions on DDK Merchant, an e-commerce platform developed by the DDK Foundation. You may visit here: https://ddkoin.com/merchant/register . With all these benefits, one wonders whether the DDK is supported by the five pillars of open blockchains. If you have been wondering the same question, you are in the right place because in this article we will be answering it. So, without further delay, let’s get right into it.

Pillar #1: It’s Open

Yes, the first pillar of open blockchain is Openness. This means that anyone can access it and if we take it from a technical viewpoint, we can explain it like anyone can take existing code and fork it. If you are not interested in forking, you can take an open blockchain core and modify it. This will give you an entirely new blockchain.

Openness also refers to access. This is not from a technical point of view, but more from a general point of view. If a blockchain can truly be called open, then it can easily be accessed by anyone and everyone for any reason. Developers can easily contribute to making it better and people who want to make anything new can also access it with ease. Finally, it is also open to people who just want to participate in an ecosystem that has been created. So, if you ask about DDK blockchain, anyone using it can tell you that it’s open.

Pillar #2: It’s Borderless

The second pillar of open blockchain states that it should be borderless. Which means that it is not confined by any means. A borderless system is free from national boundaries and exists around the world. It is accessible to a person from anywhere and at any time.

This borderless nature of the open blockchain is the primary aspect that makes it important as the basis of monetary systems. Since it is borderless, an open blockchain is not restricted by any government or in any central bank control. If you compare it to fiat you will see a significant difference here. Speaking of DDK Blockchain, we can safely say that it is borderless and extremely strong.

Pillar #3: It’s Neutral

The third pillar of open blockchain is its neutrality. If you want to test whether a blockchain is truly neutral you will see whether it favors any individual or entity over another. It also does not allow power and control to be centralized. Neutrality is important because without it there is simply no point of calling it a blockchain at all. So, is DDK blockchain neutral? Of course, it is.

Pillar #4: Its Censorship Resistant

The fourth pillar of open blockchain is that it is resistant to censorship. There are powers out there that have a lot of resources to enforce censor on things that they don’t like. They are so strong that it is a feat to avoid censorship. In most countries, the internet is restricted to a certain extent. So, if the government can control internet access, they can sensor blockchain because the internet is the main means of deploying blockchain. It is pretty simple. So, is DDK censor resistant? Yes, it is.

Pillar #5: It’s Public

The final pillar says that a truly open blockchain is public. It is separate from blockchains that are restricted and are for government work, corporate purposes, military projects, etc. If a blockchain is made for a particular purpose, it may not be accessible to everyone. It can be made for businesses, governments, education projects, healthcare or intelligence projects. A blockchain that is not publicly presented and accessed by everyone is not a truly open blockchain. So, is the DDK blockchain public. Yes, it is. DDK blockchain can be accessed by everyone and it is not limited in any way. For more info, you may visit DDK Explorer : https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/dashboard

These were the five pillars of open blockchains and we explained each of them while highlighting how DDK is in sync with all of them. For full info about DDK Tokenomic Perspective slides by Dato’ Arai Ezzra , you may check here :


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