DDK Performance On Simex Exchange

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Cryptocurrencies have always been notorious for their frequent price volatility from bitcoin to Ethereum, stellar or any other coin. A general trend, however, shows if the investment is in safe hands or not. Bitcoin and other famous cryptocurrencies have returned users above 1000% ROIs. New currencies as well are all in the race to be stable in the first step and then gain increase so as to return promising returns on investment. New cryptocurrencies, however, are not stable. Most of them have an average change in negative, many remain at 0 in value and some are very fluctuating. The problems lie in the market acceptance and backend schema where consensus algorithms, market demands, supply, etc. can highly affect the price of a coin.

DDK, in order to make the coin stable and more adaptable have developed a community-based DPoS, backed blockchain. DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) protocol is one of the reasons behind the swift, secure, and stable nature of the DDKoin. DDK has its own existing community from the previous platform that as well helps the platform to cope with the market.

DDKoin has been listed on the global exchange simex global[i] for 19 days now. DDK has proved to be way better than other recently listed coins on the same exchange. With an average change of +24.95% at the time of writing this article, DDK stays proud at the price of 31.07 USD which, starting from 22.01USD has increased 10.98 USD over a span of 19 days. The users have already started showing interests in the coin and there are appreciable number of users involved in DDK trade. The trade volume of the DDK traders over June has increased from 232467 on June 01, 2019 to 949632 on June 17, 2019. The current ranking of DDK on coinranking.com/ is 73 with $149,190 trade volume.

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DDK Stats of Past Week

New coins have a trend of starting from very low prices starting from 0 to 1–2USD per coins such as Litecoin starting from 4 USD in April’13 to 138 USD in June’19, and Dash starting from 0.2USD in February’14 to 149 USD in June’19. DDK in comparison has a better start than these famous coins with the starting price at 22 USD. DDKoin has shown promising results from the very beginning and has kept its community the main focus throughout. Looking at the initial trends, stability, and exchange volume of the coin we’re sure it will be one of the best investment opportunities for future investments. DDK source code and other information can be found here https://github.com/AraiEzzra.



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