DDK Requests Your Feedback

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Since it’s announced that we are still in Real-time beta testing, please give feedback and DDK Developers are doing their best to find the root cause of these 2 main issues:
1. 10% rewards becoming 2%
2. 4th voting stake account become 24th times as unstake

There will be IP that is not working well and there will be other issues will happen to pertain to the 1st launching of this multiple nodes Main-Net.

Please be calm, as this is one of the processes that all of us have to go through together. The possibilities of the Developers to reload from the beginning of time launching of the multiple nodes and will upload the backup for tomorrow once again when they get the root cause. Please take note.

Advisable kindly start to do your 4th voting when the blockchain heights are ready and the efficiency of the servers is as normal.

We now need all the feedback for real Beta-Testers.

-DDK Management-

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