DDKoin and DNC: What they are? Which is better?

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DDKoins provide the economic opportunity in the form of rewards through internationally accepted blockchain solutions. This community platform has been working on numerous ideas of generating profits since 2015.

Basically, DDKoin is an extension of estimated Time Pool Sharing (ETPS). Previously, its currency was DNC (Dinar Coin), which was a digital asset pegged to the value of 4.25 grams of 999.9 Karat Gold.

The community has now decided to set a new milestone for the users that will be different from the DNC. The purpose behind it is to increase the number of ETPS users. To achieve this milestone, the community launched DDKoins and for that, they integrated revolutionized technology — Blockchain.

To understand the difference between DDKoin and DNC, we need to compare both through their comparative analysis.

DNC (Dinar Coin)

● DNC is the coin used on the ETPS platform.

● The community, who owns ETPS DNC, is ETPS DNC holder.

● All those individuals, who join ETPS pool, are called ETPS pool partners.

● International crypto exchangers are those who handle the exchange.

● The structure behind has been developed using PHP.

● The platform uses International Crypto exchanger (ICE) and Master International crypto Exchanger (MICE).

● The gains are through an automated and self-generated system.


● DDKoin is the currency being used on the DDK platform.

● The community, who owns DDKoin, is DDKoin holder.

● The stakeholders are those people who stake DDKoins and vote for the delegates.

● The delegates are responsible for validating transactions on DDK platform.

● DDK platform is a decentralized network and uses LISK technology which accepts DDKoins as a fee for registrations, on different steps.

● DDKoin is set to be listed on the global exchanger.

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain. www.ddkoin.com

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