DDKoin has been officially listed on Hotbit Exchange

Hello DDK Community!😃

We have got some great news for all DDK Stakeholders.🎉

We feel honored to reveal that DDKoin has been officially listed on Hotbit Exchange! This exchange platform will allow you to trade DDKoin globally.💪

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DDK management is trying their best to get DDK on more well reputed exchanges like Hotbit Exchange for mutual growth of ourselves and the DDK community. As we get listed on more exchanges, we take another step towards success.

In Hotbit Exchange, you can trade DDK in two pairs: (DDK/BTC & DDK/USDT)

If you are new to Hotbit, please be informed that this exchange has already accumulated more than 700,000 registered users from more than 210 countries and areas all over the world. It’s a great platform that is secure and reliable.

Hurry up and register on Hotbit Exchange to benefit from this great global trading opportunity.

You can get all the information about our officially registration announcement from here:


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