Erroneous information in COIN.MY article published on 21st February 2019


Dear Sir,


We refer to the above matter and your article first published on the 21st February 2019 titled “DDKOIN (DDK) Sebuah Scam?” (URL Address:

It has come to our attention that the above article contains serious false allegations and inaccurate representation of our team and products. Not only the article was so poorly and unfairly written, but the article was also total guesswork where speculations and claims were published without concrete and conclusive proofs.

Ethical journalism should be accurate and fair, you should take responsibility for the accuracy of your work by verifying and not oversimplifying information before publishing it. We highly question your credibility and capability as a trustworthy portal as these ethics were simply ignored.

First and foremost, we have to question “Saudara Azlin” in the context of this article. As far as we are concerned, he is one of the DDK users and thus he must understand that he is bound by DDK platform’s terms and conditions and surely, he is aware of DDK’s limitations of liability, release, and indemnification. We are also puzzled that you are sourcing and trusting “a dialogue” that was attended by Saba Capital’s General Manager, who has absolutely no connection or involvement in the development of DDK platform. Your failure to bring forward trusted references and reliance on the sources you put forward in this article reflects your flaws as a trusted news portal.

Please note the following information and details for your urgent attention and reference: -

1) Firstly, our DDK platform is NOT A SUBSTITUTION of ETPS-DNC platform, the ETPS-DNC platform was MIGRATED to DDK platform to integrate blockchain technology to provide the community with a more secure, faster and democratic platform. The community is fully aware and acknowledged this decentralized open-source migration and the phases of the migration.

With reference to other DPoS platform such as LISK or Bitshare’s appointment of their respective delegates as the validators of their platform’s transactions, we have our Trusted Delegates as our binding authorized representatives that have been continuously organizing educations and awareness programs to ensure that once our decentralized migration is finalized, the community would be able to experience blockchain technology, services and solutions through our platform.

Through these education programs and modules, the community have been strictly advised and reminded on the nature and characteristic of decentralized platform, terms and conditions and disclaimers of our platform and their responsibilities and roles towards and as a DDK community.

You can find complete information and background of our platform from our whitepaper. Our support team is also ready to help and assist you on your questions, our contact details and social media accounts can be found on our website.

1) Secondly, if you put some research and not oversimplifying information before publishing an article, you would understand that Dinar Dirham is not a “scheme”, please refer to this announcement that was published on the 3rd December 2016 ( Dinar Dirham is a branding of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects development and you would also be aware that Dinar Dirham IS NOT Dinar Dirham Global that was listed under (Bank Negara Malaysia) BNM’s watchlist, please also refer to this press release published on the 13th January 2017 ( However, please note that we were officially informed by Dinar Dirham management that, they have terminated Kodinar through a termination notice dated 25th September 2017 due to Kodinar’s failure to observe the agreed business direction and ethics.

It is clear to us that not only that your team have zero sense of responsibility to your readers, but you have failed to understand that ethical journalism is more than just putting words on paper or in your case, on the internet.

2) We would like to reiterate that the DDK platform is a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain based technology that practices unique voting system to achieve consensus, where the process of verifying the transaction data is valid based on the general agreement of the trust-elected network. Please refer to our website (, examine our Whitepaper ( and familiarize yourself with our platform.

Please understand that cryptocurrency is a digital financial technology operating fully on the internet, with that being said, please study and research on the validity of the online platform features on development platform such as GitHub, please refer ours here — ( where you can review and track updates and progress of our platform’s development. Please also educate yourself on cryptocurrency on blockchain ecosystem for you to understand the crypto-world technology.

3) DDK Platform’s users are legally bound by the platform’s terms and conditions and as such they should understand that repayment or restitution is not the way out or the answer to their loss of confidence in the effort of the DDK management in ensuring the total decentralization of DDK Platform.

We have been very transparent on the progress and development of DDK platform to our community and the information is also available within our public domain, just a few clicks away at and where you can find announcements, documentations and supplementary information of our platform. We strongly urge for your team to do deep ethical research and study before publishing inaccurate and insensible articles.

We demand urgent take down of the article within Seven (7) days from the date of this letter to avoid legal complications as continued publication of the flawed article will significantly hurt our reputation and caused severe negative perceptions.

Your prompt action and cooperation on this matter is highly appreciated.

Yours truly,


Chief Executive Officer