Evolution of Cryptocurrency: Why the current dips shouldn’t keep you from investing in your future

The cryptos started from bitcoin. On May 22nd, 11 years ago, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 bitcoin for two slices of pizza. This was 11 years ago and today one bitcoin is worth approximately USD 36,000. Such is the rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency and it is this boom that has given rise to many other successful cryptos we see in the market today.

The cryptos are here to stay. There is no denying it. Despite the fact that Bitcoin is having a rollercoaster ride today, the other cryptos are pretty strong and reliscent. These dips and peaks are always part of the journey and nothing to worry about.

The only thing people need to consider is the opulence of the cryptos that is clear to everyone who is active in the field. The cryptos have the power to disrupt the financial system and they have evolved a lot over the years to do just that.

From the two slices of pizza that were sold at 10,000 bitcoin nearly eleven years ago, today the cryptocurrency market is worth more than a staggering 100 billion US dollars. It is a fact that currency has seen many shifts in format and usage since its inception and similarly the cryptos are expected to embark on a similar journey.

The cryptocurrency market has been evolving over the years and this evolution is on the positive end. We can analyze the buying trends of consumers along with the regular stringency of regulations from the government regarding the digital methods of payments and see how far they have come along.

The future is of cashless payment and it is a great alternative to the traditional cash environment. If you are investing in cryptos you are simply thinking about the future and people who think about the future before everyone else and no doubt successful investors.

Don’t let the occasional dips in crypto take you away from investing in your future. Stay strong because the cryptos are here to stay.

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