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Dear Trusted Delegates & Stakeholders,

As we all know that Multiplenodes was launched as at 29th December 2018 (Midnight Malaysia & Singapore Time) and still in the period of BETA-Testing whereby we need feedbacks from entire Stakeholders through the correct channel given as mentioned in our DDKoin_Official Facebook / DDK Blog & please do not hesitate to email your detail feedback to this official email medium of communication direct to developers assistance — We will take it all your responses for optimization and rectification from REAL BETA- TESTERS. Please be reminded that we NEED this to ensure this environment of REAL BETA-TESTERS is implemented as we are the 1st project of DPOS having more than 180, 000 users with the voting mechanism in Multiplenodes. We need this period for improvements in timely manner.

In addition, we really appreciates entire feedbacks that have been sent by the Stakeholders. Please note that Based on the recent feedbacks that we have received below are some rectifications done & optimization has been done since last night (Malaysia & Singapore Time):

  1. Stability of the Staking Rewards receives 10% Distribution from 4th vote validation of servers rectified.
  2. Entire accounts and database has been migrated to Multiplenodes including ETPS Users and New Stakeholders registered for Staking Contract
  3. Enable back the Masternodes wallet for ETPS User who still not redeem their Passphrase by today (31st December 2018) —

Therefore, please compile and we need more feedbacks from Stakeholders and I would like to reiterate every Stakeholders that this BETA-TESTING period will be continuously about one (1) month. We are not planning do any shutdown or closing of entire IPs of the Multiplenodes Main-Net as we are working hard on monitoring the healthy environment (if needed, we will inform in advance) of the servers installed as below links. You are still can do voting and receives Staking Reward with a limited capabilities:

For your information during this 1 month testing period and optimization phase, kindly refer below for the plans that will enable stability of the progress for voting, delegates ranking and transaction validations. If you looking at Test-Net that have been launched previously, all the logic works fine for the all of the functions and now we need optimization of the Multiplenodes that had just launched recently. This is because, there will be three (3) transaction distributed in decentralized network when Multiplenodes launched:

  1. 4th vote for validation of delegates
  2. Staking Rewards distributions
  3. Chain Referral distributions

Below are the planning as per current situations after launching of Multiplenodes Main-Net:

  1. DDK Developer both India & Ukraine will work on issue with blocks synchronization.
  2. Optimization of the architecture for better performances.
  3. Enhance on powerful server resources that having low uptime efficiencies as the code level has been rectified.

Therefore please give for both Developers to finalized it in few weeks’ time expecting that on 9th January 2019 (Ukraine Time) those performances of servers and fully optimization on the platform being done in our DDK DPOS Multiplenodes Main-Net. That is all about the technical phase that we are going through and I will be updating entire stakeholders in timely manner to reduce the chaos of misunderstanding and to increase the educations about this process.

However, in the meantime I would like to urge entire of the Stakeholders to be smart and decide on what is the best of your assets management that you have been holding on all this while. Please only relying on genuine sources of official announcement from DDK Management and the education and knowledge spreading by official appointed representatives of DDK project (TDs & Sub-TDs) and not form other companies/organizations/management/individual/parties/creator/Founder that claiming they are on behalf of the Management or speaks on behalf of the community. You are FREELY to speaks on behalf of yourself as a genuine Stakeholders who participate in this project and who would like to see that eventually our ultimate goal will be succeed to be listing in CMC. Kindly send your expressions and feedbacks directly to the correct official channel.

At this critical time, there are a lot of other programmes and projects would like to interfere in the community harmonisations that giving full support to this progress. These groups of people promoting other products and jeopardize your asset value in your financial management that you might be influenced will be not the right decision at this moment to be involved. We urged stakeholders to do a correct Financial Management and genuine business strategy at the moment until we reach CMC. We take care and value all the community and hope that you avoid yourself from being involved with other crypto project that could lead to scam and intended to instilled the hatred towards this project progress but not the solutions of the advancement of the knowledge and the technology spreading.

A Truly genuine leader who could lead you to a successful business strategy for this crypto project at this moment is the one who must do spread the correct knowledge and understanding of this process and technology. As a Stakeholders also you have the responsibilities to be in a teamwork on educating entire Stakeholders that you introduced during Pre-ICOs time that we have been successfully migrated into DPOS Blockchain. By introducing or promoting other projects and mechanism of the same crypto BUT unreliable, untrusted and unproven track record platform is just a mere jeopardizing your fiat money that you accumulate all this while and the future DDK coins that you have been holding while waiting for the value/price/rate to be increased when DDK Platform has been fully featured towards our ultimate goal in CMC.

In addition, for your further knowledge DDK Foundation have its own mission and vision towards the sustainability of this project for the future longevity (Please read in DDK Website). All your assets are Pre-mined allocated transparently and secured in Blockchain (1,700,000 with about 180,000 users) has its value (as mentioned min of 180 USD of the price ceiling). Thus, being mentioned clearly in the previous announcement, DDK Foundation will be giving full support on BUY/SELL activities of entire TD transactions and DDK community for LIQUID DDK after you receives it from every 4th voting mechanisms in DDK DPOS Platform distribution. To make this project successful and to reached its goal, we cannot make any short-minded decision and proceed with any unsuccessful mechanism as we can see and learn from other Crypto project that have in this world.

Kindly be smart during at this critical time and we are strive to give the best as you know that we have eventually launched the Multiplenodes and needed more time for its strength to perform for entire more than 180,000 Stakeholders and users. Congratulations! On certain Stakeholders that have been voted for the chosen delegates that may serves you for your future educations and activities.


Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Happy Holiday to ALL! Project CEO

Shuhada Zainal

-DDK Management-

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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