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Dear Stakeholders and Trusted Delegates,
Referring to the previous announcement that have been posted on 8th April 2019 —, we have successfully launched the AEPOS Testing Environment into the DDK Platform for the Stakeholders to test on the functionalities & the platform performance. Thus, this is the latest updated timeline for your references.
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Please note that, this week Pre-Production Database with real data and features detailed testing and audit progress, could only be released for below groups of people:
1. Quest Global Technology — Auditor for thorough full testing program on the independent Stress & performance test together with wallet performance to ensure all the functions work accordingly

2. Trusted Delegates — Thorough testing on the features, database, and functions of the delegates ranking

3. Beta Testers Team — Thorough testing on the features, database and the functions of referral bonus & Chain Referral

These group of team will be handling the testing period that will be conducted starting from this week and they required to give report and updates as guided from the DDK Management. Auditors may came out with detailed report by this week and assist DDK Management on the decision for releasing the DDK Platform (Mainnet) for public.

Please allow DDK Management and DDK Developers to finalized this Audit process and testing planning for a smooth kick-off progress of the DDK Platform for the benefits of entire DDK Stakeholders. We really appreciate entire Stakeholders cooperation within this week and the following week in order to be patiently waiting for the DDK Platform Mainnet to be released soon together with DDKOIN listing in SIMEX Global Exchanges.
Any further updates will be send in timely manner on any progress of the testing and exact date and time of the Launching of DDK Platform Mainnet.

Kindly refer below for your details monitoring on developer task updates:

Your Cooperation is highly appreciated.
DDK Management

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