Dear Stakeholders and Trusted Delegates,

Referring to the last announcement that have been posted on 1st April 2019 —, we have successfully launched and deployed the AEPOS Testing Environment into the DDK Platform for the Beta Tester to test on the functionalities based on below timeline. Please refer to the REMARKS and further explanation as below:

Illustration 1.0

In Addition, below are the detail updates on the progress:

1. We will be releasing DNC Exchanger (DINEX) for the community as the function of a ‘stable coin’ for our community as at 9th April 2019. The link for MAIN-NET DINEX will be announce soon. The launching of this DINEX is for the preparation of the Grand Launching DDKoin in the exchanges market.

2. Trusted Delegates script that was successfully created need to be tested thoroughly as bugs appeared during the installation and syncing work in progress —

3. Our 1st Global Exchangers (SIMEX) still in the midst of testing and synchronization towards the platform for listing DDKOIN as we are completed handover to SIMEX (API). We are now in the midst of preparation towards another (2nd) Exchanges for DDKOIN which is DOBI EXCHANGES. Please refer as below for your perusal:

4. Testing successfully DONE by the BETA TESTERS as below on the function provided above according to the timeline:

Furthermore, due to this launching progress we would like to inform you that we will allow for entire Stakeholders to experience and test at your end as we are also required your feedback for the smooth launching and REAL BETA TESTERS implementations before we release the Main-Net DDK Platform to public. Kindly send your feedback to this email (Auto Reply) and DDK Support team will assist your feedback —

As we all know that we built from scratch of this New Core for the longevity benefits towards DDK early adopters and pioneer of DDKOIN token Holders. Arai-Ezzra-Proof-Of-Stake (AEPOS) protocol has been built as for below features on Blockchain algorithm — Please note that DDK Management team in the midst of finalizing the latest Whitepaper (AEPOS Whitepaper) in relation towards this new core that in preparation for launching:

1. 250 transaction per block (10 second)

2. Enhancement and preparation for DDK Asset Issuing (DAI) —

3. Separate Delegate Nodes with Wallet Node.

4. Refactoring all codes.

5. Remove Elasticsearch and used direct API for commands and call functions.

6. New Wallet to serve the new protocol for New Core.

Please notice that, entire existing Stakeholders may start to do your own testing using the AEPOS Blockchain performance as below schedule:

We seek full cooperation from entire DDK Stakeholders to check on the performance for Real Beta Testers (Existing Stakeholders) with huge maximize transactions in order for developers to capture the Real performance of this AEPOS. Kindly refer as below link for your perusal and features:




d. You may also send the feedback at this google link for the ease of the developers reporting:

e. Please test as below steps (Kindly request DDK amount with your Trusted Delegates (TDs):

Therefore, towards the preparation of the Grand Launching for DDK Platform (MAIN-NET), The Management is taking a very big step in having a third (3rd) party developer to verify our Blockchain (AEPOS) with among the most reliable developer in the world. In line with this successful deployment, it is not enough to just deploy the new core without having thoroughly tested, audited and validated platform. So with the engagement with Quest Global Technologies, based in India, this group of developers requested that this ongoing process of auditing must be done up to 4th week of April 2019. However, if the audit process is completed earlier than the timeline and the auditors verify that the Main-net is ready to deploy, we are much happier to launch to entire Stakeholders a secured and smooth platform with the most reliable features.

Thus, For now, we want all of you to prepare your community and take part in getting ready for the grand launch of DDK Platform. We will keep you posted on a daily basis once Quest Global Technologies gives its initial assessment. We are getting very near towards a successful deployment of MAINNET and this is the time we need to put our effort and unreserved support for the smooth transition of SK Consulting to QGT testing team for the auditing purposes, to welcome the grand DDK AEPOS launch.

Kindly be informed that, once we are listing in Global Exchanges (SIMEX) its already in MAIN-NET and we are targeting for listing another exchanges (DOBI EXCHANGES) by the same month (April 2019), and hope that this smooth planning will be materialized smoothly for our ultimate goal to CMC will be reach sooner in the following month (MAY 2019). On the other note of good news, when MAIN-NET is up, any Code updates such as change limits (increase capacity), adding some features and fixing minor bugs will be on-going basis with non-rollback on the blocks running. The transactions in DDK explorer (Latest link) will be synced during the launching of Mainnet and we believe this will be one of the biggest innovation in the history as we are having both DDK and DINEX platform simultaneously to complete the Blockchain ecosystem for the crypto community.

Therefore, entire Trusted Delegates — ( will continue on the education activities for you, on below details for your preparation towards the Grand Launching:

1. How to register Global Exchanges

2. How to do a proper financial planning in Blockchain ecosystem

3. How to ensure pricing strategy for DDKOIN in market exchanges

4. How to do transactions for crypto currency & other altcoin as early adopters

5. How DDKoin and DNC (Dinarcoin) functioning for the ecosystem

6. How to ensure TD education & awareness program reach you

Kindly refer below for your details monitoring on developer task updates:


Your Cooperation is highly appreciated.


DDK Management

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.