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Dear Trusted Delegates & Stakeholders,

Based on the monitoring of blockchain heights as of today, we can see that the DDK Multiple-node Main-net has already reached its normal Blockchain height. However, at this moment, main-net will not be reopen yet until we have reached a majority of more than 51% loading test on Pre-Production (Test-net).

We have rectified the bugs and issues, but in order to test the robustness and stability of the DDK Multiple-node Main-net, we have decided to invite TDs and all stakeholders to contribute to the aggressive transaction on the Test-Net. We require more traffic and multiple transactions to occur on the Test-Net as how it would be on the Main-Net once it is released to all stakeholders

Transactions such as Voting, P2P, New Staking, Send Stake, and New Accounts need to be done repeatedly. This is to provide the much needed Stress-Test for the DDK platform in a controlled environment (Test-Net). Having limited number of Beta-Tester on the Main-Net did not provide enough aggressive transactions to push Main-Net in order to iron out issues and bugs. Without the cooperation of and support from all stakeholders, a longer time may be required to find the root cause and to rectify the bugs and other issues.

Below is the new TestNet (Pre-Production) link for users to conduct the testing:

  1. — —
  2. — —
  3. — —
  4. — —
  5. — —

Once we have reached 51% numbers of consensus users making transactions and the platform progress looks good and stable, Main-net (Production) will follow as Test-net (Pre-Production) success deployment. This is because Test-Net and Main-net share the same coding and structure.

Our targeted completion date for the ENTIRE platform will be by the end of March 2019. However, it is possible to make it earlier with the help of all parties involved especially the stakeholders. Your contribution to the testing and feedback will ensure our assets are secured in the decentralized DDK DPOS blockchain platform.

In anticipation of the re-launching of the DDK platform, the processes are as follows;

  1. Prepare for vote
  2. Prepare for New Stake
  3. Prepare for TD Delegates Installation
  4. Prepare for Global Exchanges Simex RPC Nodes
  5. Prepare for CMC listing

Please be informed that voting and other transactions will be commence immediately once the system is completely commissioned at its peak performance when all the identified bugs are fixed and carrying capacity maintained. However please note that there will be mechanisms of Admin Code in order to cater the stability of the platform performance. Once we reached at the maximum stability and convinced towards the performance, Admin Code will be no longer used as we have reached the 100% decentralization of our DDK Platform.

DDK Management and the developers are working overtime (day and night) to deliver the best system for everyone soonest possible. The target delivery date is end of March 2019 but all hands right now are pushing to make it sooner.

While we wait for the successful re-launch in the DDK Main-net, we hope that stakeholders could render management and the developers your understanding and patience of the huge (but not impossible) challenge that we are tackling. The developers have also resolved to deliver us a better, stable system for our future wealth and well-being.

As one of the strategies and brainstorming sessions, DDK Management will also meet with TDs to prepare a winning strategy in anticipation of DDK platform’s final task completion to cater the market’s supply and demand for DDKoin.

In the meantime, our work status can be tracked on

Trello: and

GitHub: at any point of time. As a final reminder, please do not forget to make aggressive transactions on the Test-net (Pre-Production) as the link given to you above.

We will keep you updated from time to time.


Nurshuhada Zainal

Project CEO

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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