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Greetings! Dear Stakeholders and Trusted Delegates,

Favorite questions from Stakeholders:

1. When Main-net (Production) will be Re-open for transactions?

2. When to do 4th Vote?

Before that questions may be answered, we need to ensure the strategy of our ultimate goal which is, listing to Global Exchanges to become reality. Now, what is the strategy of my dearest Stake’HOLD’ers?

Based on recent Pre-Production testing activities that have been done by more than 51% Stakeholders, below are the feedbacks from DDK Developers and DDK Management. We have discussed and finalized the decision that has been made due to the current results. Please refer below:

1) DDK is forked from LISK with original user may do 25 Transactions per 10 second. We MUST increase the capacity due to the statistics shown from the recent testing results was about 120–125 transactions per 10 second.

2) As at today DDK users has more than 200,000 users that eager to do transactions. Even 15% of users make transactions in one time, there will be about total 30,000 transactions per second in the network. For your information one of the most famous payment system in the world — “Visa” has capacity 24 000 transactions per second. So, you can see how powerful must be DDK today and future to satisfy all users. Comparing to today’s conventional payment system such as ‘Visa’, which handles about 24,000 transactions per second. Can you imagine when more crypto players joining the DDK community global network?

3) DDK is a huge Blockchain platform that must have simple, flexible but productive architecture for different end users (regular user, delegate, third party developer, etc.). In order to become a delegate in future, you just need to install the Node.

4) DDK must have a good high-performance Web Wallet that can balance all queries between back-end servers. As currently some of Main-Net links has overhead but there are links not loaded.

5) DDK is a blockchain platform with DPOS consensus mechanism. And DDKoin cannot be connected to any Global Exchanges until all Delegates nodes been installed in the network. This is to ensure it is 100% fully decentralized and meet the listing requirements in any Global Exchanges.

6) DDK must be fully completed and tested before we will go to listing (GE). We need to deliver to the network that stability of the platform cannot be compromised before we enter Global Exchanges (GE).

Therefore, DDK Developers and DDK Management are working hard to finalized “NEW CORE” with latest upgraded version of DDK Platform as below:

1) Previously DDK had blockchain capacity — 25 transaction per block, that we got from LISK and Masternodes, and “Aggressive test” with real users and transactions then we decided to increase DDK Core Blockchain 10 times more capacities to become 250 transactions per block (10 second).

For this part of our DDK Developers worked in parallel last month and now we are finalizing this “NEW CORE” with more powerful blockchain capacity. Please refer to the TRELLO TASK updates: (Plan to complete testing by 3rd week of February 2019)

2) For NEW CORE we need to change current API & User-Interface (UI) in order to make it faster and lighter for the platform. It will force the work of the transactions with our Blockchain.

DDK Developers will provide all documentations and descriptions about this new API. Please refer to the TRELLO TASK updates (STAGE 2): (Plan to complete testing by 4th week of February 2019)

3) Finalized NEW CORE with new UI — Plan to start testing on 1st week of March 2019 as the current UI has a lot of bugs and it loads the node now with requests and requires processing. DDK Developers will take all the visual elements from the current UI and combine them with the wallet that was made for InnerChain for a faster result.

Please refer to the TRELLO TASK updates:

4) NEW CORE with NEW API & UI will be implemented in DDK Platform on 2nd week of March 2019. With this enhancement, DDK Platform is able to start installing DDK Trusted Delegates (TD) Server for 1st Batch around 80 Delegates Nodes in the network.

5) Finalized testing Delegates Nodes in the network — 2nd week of March 2019

6) Deployment on all Delegate (TD) servers and stress tests — 3rd Week of March 2019

7) Testing phase to connect to the Global Exchanger — 3rd Week of March

8) Listing in the Global Exchanger (SIMEX) — 4th Week of March 2019

Please refer the Table below for easier references:

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Thus, towards the Re-opening Main-Net (18th February 2019 — Singapore Time) there are mechanisms that Stakeholders STRICTLY need to follow under the guidelines from TDs before NEW CORE implementations being done:

1. We have to limit the Stakeholders per time LOG-IN same as previous strategy — Maximum 500 users

2. Must ensure Block Heights (TIME) below ONE (1) minutes

3. Implementations of ADMIN CODE for below transactions / features:


b. P2P


4. Withdrawal MUST be done in Global Exchangers

What are the consequences when Stakeholders DO NOT FOLLOW the guidelines?

1. place that where the Blocks was STOP.

2. Blockchain will stop and DDK Developer will takes time to do the re-loading on the Main-Net Production.


Please be reminded that we are moving towards Global Exchangers implementation and this is our ULTIMATE GOAL that must be achieved! We are the Crypto DDKoin community and Stakeholders as well as we want to see this project succeed as plan although we have to face so many challenges and hurdles along the way in developing highly Super Performance platform using DPOS Protocol.

Keep Holding on and become a genuine Stakeholders as SUCCESS will be ours! 😊


Nurshuhada Zainal

Project CEO

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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