IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT — DDK MAIN-NET WITH LATEST SUB-DOMAIN LINK 19/01/2019 — (Malaysia Time: 11:30 pm / Ukraine Time: 5:30 pm)

Dear Trusted Delegates & Beloved Stakeholders DDK DPOS,

Please note that we have done most of the major optimization which have been announced on the previous announcement dated 14th January 2019 — — and there are five (5) rules that you need to follow in order for you to make transactions using the Sub-Domain Link provided by Trusted Delegates are as follows:

  1. Firstly, always clicked on “DDK Blockchain” menu and look at the block and either the block create under 1 minute or not. If the block shown less than 1 minute, meaning that network block heights is stable for you to make transaction.
  2. If NOT, please do not make any transaction as the wallet is not sync with the latest data and will appeared any unstable amount (-ve) of balance and value not sync.
  3. After login into the platform, choose the delegate to be voted and proceed to vote.
  4. Once the voting is done, please check at the dashboard, for the 4th voting, as there should appear an “icon” for the successful 4th voting, to show the amount of your Staking Reward.
  5. Check and click at menu “DDK Staking” to see how many votes that you have made and please also check on the Vote time remaining to confirm the vote done is it the 3rd or 4th

Therefore, on Friday 18th January 2018 both developers from Ukraine and India under the purview of DDK Founder as stated in the Trello link ( & GitHub ( they have ‘closed’ most of the task and modify “LOGIC CODE” that we have from LISK to adjust/modify/customize due to our huge DDK users database. As per current only one more task which is the “Transaction Pool” that have not in “closed” status which this is the task to stabilized entire transactions that will be done in DDK DPOS platform.

As per current updates as well, entire Total Active Delegate stated in DDK Explorer — — has been running well in the DDK platform consist of:


Therefore, on 19th January 2018 (Singapore Time), DDK Management internal team & DDK Trusted Delegates Beta Testers Team has been receiving the released of the Sub-Domain Link from DDK Developers that we may do internal testing and send any feedbacks to developers on the issues that occurred at our end. From the testing that have been done internally below are the feedbacks:

  1. From the DASHBOARD we can see that there is Type stated “REGISTER” and this is one of transaction that we custom ‘designed’ in DDK Platform (NOT EVEN HAVE IN LISK) for entire users account ‘registered’ automatically to be recognized in Blockchain and those accounts registered in DDK Blockchain will be known/recognized by entire nodes of the DDK Wallet to prove as its Open Source characteristics. However, this transaction “REGISTER” will only happen when users FIRST TIME LOGIN.

2. DDK Blockchain shown very healthy status of Blockchain Heights which is LESS than 1 minutes and this is the STABILITY of DDK Blockchain that we need and waiting for as one of the results of the major DDK platform optimizations.

3. For those who have done transaction of voting transactions and reached at the 4th voting during our relaunching of Main-Net on few days ago still shown in the Dashboard correctly with the VOTE ICON. You may clicked the ICON and it will be a Pop-Up information of DDK Stake Reward, Chain Reward and Unstake. You may also checked your transactions at this link — — Please add XXXX of your DDK Wallet Address

4. Problem/issues in data viewing and user-interface (UI) from ‘Elastic Search’ yet to be sync whereby the DDK Frozen, DDK Stake and DDK Wallet amount shown as ZERO (0) and ‘My Votes’ shown ZERO (0) which is also not shown in Explorer in that case. This is consist in the task of “TRANSACTION POOL” that mentioned/stated in GitHub that are still ongoing up to Monday (21st January 2019) end of day (EOD) Ukraine Time.

Thus, currently from these feedbacks that we internally have sent to DDK Developers from the testing done at our end, shown that transactions is smooth, DDK Blockchain is stable, Servers Uptime is efficient and explorer for Delegates monitor is currently appeared smoothly, but only left 1 issue to be rectified which is to be completed on the “Transaction Pool” TASK from developers.

Therefore, We hope that every Stakeholders will continue follow this progress and process that all of us are going through in order to give the best super performance platform for entire users of more than 180,000 users with millions of database that we handled since day 1 of centralized platform migration up to Multiplenodes data migrations. Please be reminded to always look on details task that have been provided transparently from DDK Management if day & night hard work that continuously being done by DDK Developers — Kindly also refer to the latest updates on GitHub for the newest DDK CORE task that have been completed and fixed inserted into that as the proved that this is an Open Source project and everything is on a transparent mode —

In summary, we are moving towards 100% decentralized in order for all of us to meet the ultimate goal to be listing in Global Exchanges for the ease of entire users to do their BUY/SELL & Trading transaction in Crypto Global Exchangers in order for our DDKoin to be listed in Coin Market Capped (CMC). Thus we hope that by Monday (21st January 2019) there will be a NEW distribution of Sub-Domain Link from Trusted Delegates to the Users for entire users to do their transactions when the TASK as mentioned above has been DONE by DDK Developer for the rectification of the latest feedbacks from the Internal testing that we have completed. Please follow the guidelines that have been set by your Trusted Delegates (Maximum of 500 users at one time schedule) and please be reminded that you need to get SUB-DOMAIN LINK and NOT the IPs Link! That IPs link is not meant for Main-Net and it is a Test-Net platform after we have done our Major Optimization migrated towards DDK DPOS Multiplenodes Platform.

Please be informed that on Sunday (20th January 2019) our Developers will not be on working hours and entire Developers will be resumed working on Monday (21st January 2019). Thus after whole task completed on Monday by DDK Developers and we completed the process for another internal team testing, before releasing the NEW Sub-Domain Link to entire users. Kindly take note that this is the process and planning that we must make decision as for the best to entire Stakeholders/Users at this moment in critical time. We really understand the situation that happen due to the delay of the completion of the task from the DDK Developers however, as mentioned earlier and repeatedly announced that this platform must go through the hard work due to the fact that we have HUGE DATABASE from our past ICOs (Pre-order Mode) and this is not simply or purposely delayed from our end. There are a lot of unforeseen circumstances happen due to Non-precedent cases as a case study and even we have more than 75% change/modify the LOGIC of DDK CORE from LISK DPOS in order to meet the requirements of the database that we had.


We apologize for any inconvenient occurred during this migration period.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Project CEO

Shuhada Zainal

-DDK Management-

Cc to Founders

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