Dear Trusted Delegates & Beloved Stakeholders DDK DPOS,

For the current situations that we are facing hard times on monitoring the stability of the platform and effects that we received from minority groups of community who surrounded by the FUD & FOMO; please refer to this link of article titled: (“Di Sebalik Ekosistem Decentralized DNC & DDK” — Page: 6) on the definitions and current situation that we are facing. Here I would like to inform you that your assets are still secured in Blockchain DDK DPOS platform. I urge entire users and Stakeholders to read the Article to understand the whole ecosystem that we had and future potential that we needed in order to increase the value of our own asset based on the platform that we have created ( In fact, the assets that you bought and migrated during the “MIGRATION Period from ETPS Platform to Masternodes Platform & From Masternodes Platform to Multiple nodes Platform is still in a very secured condition.

Please be reminded to always aware that currently we have the separate Test-Net (IPs) and Main-Net (Domain) links provided to you from Trusted Delegates. The Test-Net link is as follows:-

IP Links above are meant for Pre-Production (Testing environment) and for those (Existing users / Stakeholders) who would like to test to do transactions and review their asset please do so. Your assets is secured similar as per what you see from these IP Links. Please be informed that currently we are still ongoing progress to fix the bugs and issues pertaining to our platform concurrently with releasing the Main-Net Multiplenodes platform. There will be refreshed of the IP Links platform (Pre-Production — Testing Environment) once the bugs and issues are fixed. Therefore SNAPHOT” will only happen in Pre-Production (– Testing Environment) and NOT Main-Net Multiplenodes platform.

In addition, based on my previous official announcement, there was few times that we have re-launched the MainNet as per below table (APPENDIX 1). Thus, on 2nd February 2019 we have released a NEW SUB-DOMAIN LINK, MainNet to Trusted Delegates in order to release to Stakeholders slowly and gradually after TD have done their internal BETA-TESTERS monitoring on DDK Blockchain and progressing smoothly doing transactions and ongoing providing real cases feedbacks. We planned and decided the released parallel with fixing bugs and issues. Thus, we encounter bugs during the TD & Stakeholders doing their transactions and makes the block stop (at 308017 Blockchain Heights) and we are in the midst of fixing it. Unfortunately, currently we have to put the Main-Net on Maintenance requested by the Developers as they are concerning on fixing it before users continue the transactions.

Please be reminded that every user who have made the transactions before block stopping from running is considered as a successful transaction. Again to reiterate any SNAPSHOT from the beginning will not be happening.

Moreover, while waiting for developer that work on running back the Blocks, all users can monitor DDK BLOCK HEIGHT from this link:

For Transactions can be referred from this link: and for

Delegate Ranking and Votes can be refer from this link:

Please note that when we are commit to a transparent (OPEN SOURCE) project and materialized it in BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM, we need to follow the ‘crypto Roadmap’ (from ICOs to a native coin) as our ultimate goal is bringing this project into a global scale. Thus, we must ensure that this platform and rewards distribution is A MUST in Multiplenodes and truly decentralized for each of the transactions being done in the platform and it is also to meet the requirements to be listing in Global Exchanger. In fact, when Multiplenodes is stable as planned using 8 nodes that we have presented in our DDK BLOCKCHAIN, we are near to our ultimate goal to be in Coin Market Cap (CMC). Any challenges and hurdles that we are facing, need to be overcome right now in order for our brighter future.

Please note carefully that the platform created (Decentralized Platform) as the solutions towards the Financial problems and we have created the most historical ICOs project in ETPS Platform from the past 3 years ago. What we are doing now is to ensure that we are going fully and truly decentralized. Any decisions made by DDK Management is together in dept discussion with DDK Developers and the immediate solutions that we decided is for the goodness of entire Stakeholders.

Kindly seek guidance from TD and ONLY refer to our official announcements in DDK BLOG (, please do a due diligence before you read or intended to trust other parties that mentioned they are representing official groups and please careful of any unofficial groups established beyond our control that may affected and jeopardize the reputations and misleading information for the supportive and loyal community that are waiting for us to meet our ultimate goal. Here I attached the official announcement that have been posted in our DDK Blog on 18th October 2018 pertaining to the certain group that we did not acknowledge since the beginning on this DDK Project were established until now titled “MECHANISM OF PUBLIC DELEGATES DDK DPOS PLATFORM”-

Apologize for any inconvenient caused.


Thanks. Regards,

Shuhada Zainal





DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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DDKoin Official

DDKoin Official

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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