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Dear Stakeholders and Trusted Delegates,

Referring to the last announcement that have been posted on 25th March 2019 —, we have successfully launched and deployed the AEPOS Genesis Block into the DDK Platform for the Beta Tester to test on the functionalities based on below timeline:
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In Addition, below are the detail updates on the progress:

  1. We have released the DNC Exchanger for the community to familiar with the features and testing as DNC is the function of a ‘stable coin’ for our community as per below details:

a. — Testing Page for users & 459 registered currently.

b. — Support Team email for any feedback.

2. Trusted Delegates script was successfully created for 60 Trusted Delegates on preparing as Delegates function (validators / witness) into DDK Platform — 3. Providing API to the 1st Global Exchangers (SIMEX) for testing and listing process in progress — DONE —

4. Testing successfully DONE as below on the function provided above in the timeline from AEPOS Beta Testers team:

a. New Account Registration

b. Send (P2P)

c. Create 2nd Passphrase

Furthermore, due to this launching we would like to inform you that the block calculation to recognized the calculation for 10% of Staking rewards (10%, 8%, 6%, 4% & 2%) will be from the starting point of the genesis block released and up to the 3,156,000 blocks running will occurred the block reductions of Staking rewards to 8% and soon; as below calculation (*please change the number for 6 months calculation):
a. 1 Block is 10-second

b. 1 minute is 6 Blocks

c. 1 hour (60 minutes) = 360 Blocks

a. 1 day = 24 hours = 8640 Blocks

b. For 1 Year (365 days) = 3,156,000 blocks

Please notice that, AEPOS Beta Testers Team which includes Trusted Delegates (TDs), Sub-Trusted Delegates (Sub-TDs) and few core representatives invited by Trusted Delegates to test the functionalities of this new DDK platform with the enhanced capacity developed and launched by DDK Developers — SK Consulting. In Addition, weeks of testing period is the most critical phase towards this NEW CORE development as being informed earlier that this NEW CORE is developed by scratch in order to increase the capacity of DDK community with huge database and transactions.

We seek full cooperation from entire DDK Stakeholders as we all know that this NEW CORE development is also to cater entire Stakeholders amounting to 1,700,000 DDK Assets that still in the platform whereby it will be valued by the community and traded in Global Exchanges. Thus, we have sent the API to Simex as our 1st Global Exchanger and waiting patiently with their progress to integrate with our platform. In fact, Stakeholders will not able to do transactions in Global Exchanges IF this platform is not stable and it is always our top priority and our main responsibility to ensure your Asset is secured. Although there are certain small group of people continuously against (established as the bad actor within FUD & FOMO environment) this project towards the completion, however, DDK Management sees the issue in maintaining the stability of the platform and the Stakeholders’ Asset is secured is the most important mission currently.

Other than that, due to the current focus is on the stability of the platform and delivering the NEW CORE with full features, DDK Developers will be integrating these two (2) additional features in DDK platform later after we have done listing in Global Exchanges. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please refer below as we have decided to put on pending features:


Furthermore, DDK Management is responsible to make this decision for entire Token holders that are currently reached about 250,000 users globally that we MUST ensure it is a detailed testing period before we release to the public which we cannot jeopardize any Stakeholders’ Asset. We will not compromise for any issues pertaining towards the risk of this project failure and failing towards the progress for listing to Global Exchanges and in order to materialized towards our ultimate goal to Coin Market Cap with a successful ranking.

On the other hand, as per current status of progress towards the efforts and initiative of DDK Management team and DDK Developers team in order to complete this project up to listing (GE), we would like to inform you that since 24th March 2019 as at today we have done alternate day of meeting progress which involved with more than 10 people group of developers consist of below team members:
1. DDK Developers — SK Consulting

2. DDK Management — Founder & CEO

3. Trusted Delegates — From Singapore ( from GFA), Australia & Malaysia (from CREV)

4. Other Developers as auditor and observer
Therefore, we will still continue on these initiatives until the timeline finished up to deployment of NEW CORE to the public and done the BETA TESTING Period. We would like to express our appreciation towards those who participated in the AEPOS BETA TESTING team and due to this, we are able to establish the errors/bugs in the system. However, this is no notable new issues recorded but the Pre-existing issues that are already been addressed and deployed. Since the testing that has been started on 28th March 2019 for the BETA TESTERS team, there are some minor adjustments needs to carried out by SK Consulting (Ukraine) Developers team to make sure the stability of the platform.

Since this all have been noted and aligned with our projected timeline, the DDK Management have decided to commissioned another additional PROFESSIONAL BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPER (QUEST GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES) as they are one of the leading Blockchain development companies in the world and recently recognized as number four (4) in the world with offices in 4 different countries. In fact, DDK Management primary objective is to deliver the community with a very stable and secure platform, thus this decision to engage with Quest Global Technologies is the right decision in order to conduct additional 3rd party full audit, testing and validation of the system prior to our Main-Net deployment and global exchangers listing, with peace of mind from future technical issues. The very purpose is to make sure that we are delivering the DDK community the best secured and profitable DDK Platform.

Acknowledging that the DDK Developers from Ukraine have done a significant great job in delivering the DDK platform since Multiple nodes period of developments and considering the technological sophistication with building the AEPOS NEW CORE successfully launched the Genesis Block although it has technically challenging but able to deliver. With that detailed testing and audit additional engagement with Quest Global Technologies from India, as the Stakeholders, you will receive a secured, stable and profitable Financial Technology Blockchain platform. The audit process is standard practice in the software industry. This company can also issue a certification that is recognized in the industry. The audit could last 2-weeks with daily updates to current developers so they can immediately fix the bugs as they are encountered during the Beta Testing period. I know everyone is exhausted in waiting but we are already in the last leg of our journey, so let us all hang on a little longer and make this mission and vision happened up to CMC!

On the other hand, as for Trusted Delegates, we need your support more now and we have to put our efforts together to convey this wonderful progress report to your immediate communities so that they are full aware and be ready for the soon arrival of the long-awaited DDK Platform

Kindly refer below for your details monitoring on developer task updates:


Your Cooperation is highly appreciated.

Shuhada Zainal

Project CEO

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