Dear Stakeholders and Trusted Delegates,

Referring to the last announcement, we have successfully built the CORE Stage 1 and the New CORE Genesis Block — (

Therefore, based on the previous announcement that have been posted on 25th February 2019 — Below are the timeline updates:

In Addition, below are the detail updates on the progress:

1. New core has been built and developed from scratch for every block (10 second) with 250 Transactions and maximum of 2000 (unconfirmed transactions) pool —

2. DDK Developers has done internal local computers testing — ,

3. API & UI for new wallet with the New core (protocol) has been finalized —

4. Trusted Delegates (TDs) server availability status testing and deployment to new core — ,

5. Providing API to the 1st Global Exchangers (SIMEX) for testing — WIP (Pending) —

Please notice that, our DDK New core (protocol) need to match with the requirements of Global Exchangers (GE) platform (protocol language). For your additional information, Global Exchangers (GE) may easily listing the ERC20 platform (protocol), however DDK platform are using the new protocol and need a complete testing period to prevent bugs and any issues arises in order to meet requirements for both platform features and functionalities. Therefore, before the New Core database being released, the DDK Developers requested to impose the Beta Testing period. This is to prevent from data corrupting and jeopardizing the security of the 1,700,000 DDK users assets when DDKoin listed in GE platform.
Nevertheless, we are also working hard on the DNC (Dinar) Exchanger platform for entire Stakeholders to have exchanges services of your DDKoin Crypto Currency to a Stable coin of Crypto Asset DNC (Dinarcoin) pegged to gold value (4.25 gram 24k) Ethereum Smart contract. Therefore, below timeline are included as shown below. Please refer APPENDIX 1

As referred to above table, there are a few things that will be implemented before we may listing to Global Exchanger (BETA TESTING PERIOD).

  1. Our DNC Exchanger will be released for testing on 4th week of March before we will officially launch the DNC Exchanger (for registration) on the 1st week of April.
  2. For DDK Platform, on the 4th week of March there will be 50–60 (Based on the availability) Trusted Delegates Servers will enter the platform. -
  3. The function of the platform such as new account registration, P2P and 2nd passphrase signature will undergo testing first to identify any bugs before it being open to public.
  4. The API of New Core DDK Platform are going to be send to SIMEX on the 4th week of March and the expected time DDKoin will be listed in the exchanger depending on the process and procedure integrated by SIMEX to let our DDKoin enter their Exchanger. —
  5. On 1st week of April the DNC Platform will be launch and user may register the DNC Exchanger.
  6. A complete migration of DDK old core database to the new core database will be occured on the 1st week of April.
  7. Users are able to do vote on 1st week of April and will directly receive their staking rewards.
  8. In Addition, during the 1st week of April up to 2nd week of April (highlighted in yellow color: APPENDIX 1) , DDK Developers will monitor the stability of this new core that have been released to public in order for listing smoothly.
  9. DDKoin estimated to be listing in Minimum two (2) Global Exchangers in order to materialized the value in Coin Market Cap
  10. DDKoin estimated to be listing in Coin Market Cap in May 2019 —

    Moreover, stakeholders may have the Domain Links to logged-in (as below) and view your assets that secured in DDK Blockchain and we will remain open the DDK Main-net platform (Old Core) for entire Stakeholders until further notice as at when DDK Management would like to deploy new CORE Mainnet for public (1st week of April 2019). Your asset will NEVER be lost and with its high-security of Blockchain, it will never be hacked as well as transparent in DDK Explorer —

Below are the Domain Links (Old Core):


Kindly refer below for your details monitoring on developer task updates:

DDK Management would like to apologized for any inconvenience caused due to the delay with the unforeseen circumstances towards the DDK New core (Blockchain protocol) process and procedure for our 1st time to be listed in Global Exchanger. We hope that this process will be smoother after we have listed in the 1st GE platform for another listing platform. In the event that the process may be completed earlier than the mentioned date in Trello link, we will definitely keep you posted in advanced for any good news.

Your Cooperation is highly appreciated.
Shuhada Zainal
Project CEO