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Dear Stakeholder / Stake’HOLD’lers / Token Holders / Future Stakeholders / Trusted Delegates / Sub-Trusted Delegates / Future Delegates and Potential Clients,

We are pleased to inform that finally we have come to the day that we have been waiting for after we have been through those challenges in order to give the best platform for entire users on our Blockchain Innovations.
The tentative date that we are going to officially released the platform (Mainnet) will be on 26th April 2019 (Ukraine Time). We seek prayers from entire world and humanity to pray for a smooth launching for the benefits of entire Stakeholders. We should perceived this innovation as the opportunity to change the global economic landscape.
Thus, the efforts and struggles that we face during this migration phase from centralized system towards the 100% Blockchain decentralized system is the preparation for the strength and growth that we need when we listed DDKOIN in Global Exchanges and Coin Market Cap. The protocol that we built with enhancement from Delegated Proof-Of-Stake (DPOS) with customizations that we called it as AE-POS is the new invention of its kind. We hope that entire users and potential users may benefits from this unique Blockchain invention.
Please refer to the instruction below carefully in order for us to reach the most waited day of the Great Launching DDK Platform:

1. The day we officially launched DDK Blockchain Mainnet it will be in BETA MODE. The platform is still under strict monitoring from Audit team and developers on the features, functions, UI and performance as it is still fragile.
2. This is a New Wallet and New Core, thus in the event that there is a roll back which the probability is VERY LOW (just in case), please remain calm as the DDK Developers will be on standby in order to ensure that it will be a smooth running platform.
3. Within a week, there will be a few other upgrading which concurrently working in progress (WIP) as below:
a. Airdrop Statistics Page that the DDK Developers enhanced for a better UI and user-friendly features

b. SENDSTAKE function

c. Chain Referral that have broken chain from the Upline and downline d. PENDING GB features

4. On the Global Exchanges integration that we have finalized, with the advice from DDK Developers and Auditors team, we decided not to open directly on the day of launching Mainnet itself for SIMEX exchangers, however we will stick with the timeline by End of April 2019 to launch both exchangers ( that we have engaged. This decision is also to allow the Mainnet BETA MODE to be smooth and working perfectly for exchange and trading activities. Meanwhile, you may continue with the rest transactions and features available as your wish 😊 (P2P, Stake, 2nd Passphrase, Vote, and etc)
5. In addition, there will be a new DDK Explorer link provided for you to check and verify on each transactions and history made —
6. Every Existing loyal users from ETPS centralized platform may redeem your passphrase with the link provided —
7. Moreover, every existing loyal users from ETPS centralized platform that have migrated their account to decentralized DDK Blockchain platform may check the transaction using ETPS username with the link provided —
8. We would like to extend our support towards entire Stakeholders and our Blockchain AEPOS supporters by providing another two (2) additional channel of support apart from DDKoin_Official facebook page for your ease of communication as below:
a. Support Email

b. 24/7 Web Chat — (Will be launched on 26th April 2019)

Dear entire Stakeholders, we hope that your loyalty and genuine support will be always with us as we are striving to give the best for you to achieve our ultimate goal which to reach on the TOP ranking in Coin Market Cap (CMC). With the never-ending support that we received from the community and Blockchain enthusiasts in order to see this project succeed, we believed that the platform that we innovate and design with the best idea that we could presented to the world will be the most preferable platform on improving your financial management and to achieve the financial freedom in future by utilizing our innovation.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

DDK Management

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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