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Dear Stakeholder / Stake’HOLD’lers / Token Holders / Future Stakeholders / Trusted Delegates / Sub-Trusted Delegates / Future Delegates and Potential Clients,

First of all, congratulations for those who have successfully voted and managed to do transactions such as P2P, Stake, New account registration, vote & etc. Congratulations as well as for Trusted Delegates that have been registered and received votes and remain for the ranking. During the Beta Version of Mainnet platform monitoring, the platform was running smoothly since 27th April 2019 12:08 AM (Singapore Time), and we have also reached the maximum 250 transactions per blocks (10 second) and this is one of achievements that shown our blockchain platform enabled to cater such a huge volume of transactions. From that date, there was twice reloading blocks happen during the weekend and today DDK Developers still continue concurrently on monitoring and do few changes as below information.

However, to reiterate that below are few important information during this Beta Mode period that all stakeholders should be aware of:

1. As we have launched the Beta Mode DDK Platform on AEPOS New Core, we are still in strict monitoring from Developers and Audit Team. Any related discrepancy issues towards security and asset database, we will not tolerate to continue the platform with instability.

2. The Mainnet (Beta Mode) logo will be changed accordingly from Test Net to Mainnet latest by 30/4/2019.

3. The Domain Links that was provided previously has been changed to a new 11 links that was specific for Mainnet. Below is the list of the new link:

4. Please be reminded that during this Beta Mode period, Developers are focusing on continous monitoring to stabilized the platform and we are doing our best to ensure the smooth running of this platform. We hope that stakeholders can remain calm as this condition is expected as posted in the 1st announcement that we have announced on 24th April for the launching of DDK Mainnet (

5. Please refer to the TD you have voted if your account has arisen by any problems. The compilation of issue regarding Stakeholders account will be doing by TD and it will be passed to DDK Management.

6. Fixing and blocks monitoring will be ongoing task for developers although we have launched DDK Mainnet.

7. Testing and validate platform is ongoing task for Audit Team although we have launched the Mainnet.

8. During this period, stakeholders are advised to check on the blocks running smoothly before you are intended to do any transactions. Beta Mode are the period whereby the decentralization synchronization of the Trusted Delegates nodes and server is under work in progress (WIP), Global Exchangers listing will be integrated when smooth operations and few other Upgrade version were integrated such as Airdrop page and etc.

9. Global Exchangers that we have finalized are SIMEX and DOBIEXCHANGES, thus please be reminded that when the platform smooth, and transactions were validate in explorer syncronized well, we will released the exchangers. We will informed officially the exact date on releasing the GE and listed in CMC.

Furthermore, during this BETA MODE, it is advisable for us to stick to a specific node/link whenever you login (instead of changing Nodes/links). Otherwise it will find irregularities and the data will be not consistent among the Nodes which this condition can result in the following facts:

• Block synchronization stability is still ongoing task even though they have built and developed the number of transaction issue (by increasing transaction number to 250 per block). Some server will be slower while some server is faster (Uptime and Downtime) that will cause the faster server being able to execute the transaction first while the slower server is trying to catch-up. The more user login or enter the system, the more transaction to process and the bigger the GAP. As a result, when we try to login into different server, our data is not consistent across the node. This is normal scenarios will happen during the BETA MODE monitoring period.

• Currently, our Developer are trying their best to fix this instability so that we should no longer face the problem. However, please be noted that this is such a difficult task technically. Blockchain synchronization is the most difficult task in any blockchain project where different protocol required different solution. Hence, this part we cannot just simplify copy/paste but we have to developed it from scratch.

• This is why they must stop the system and roll forward the block to clear the cue. If you can see that there was yellow text appear on the platform that is showing the blockchain is trying to sync the data but NOT fast enough to catch-up with user coming in.

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Once developer manages to solve this issue, then whichever nodes (or wallet link in the future) we are able to see the same data.

In Addtion, Our developers is working on the DDK mainnet Explorer. Once it is ready, it will appear in this link:

Mainnet explorer is expecting to be ready in these 1–2 days. Please be noted that this explorer link: is for Masternode ONLY and not for the New Core (AEPOS).

However, while waiting Mainnet Explorer to be ready we can refer to explorer that was available in the DDK wallet.

In conclusion, meanwhile we are doing the changes and update on the platform to reload the Blockchain syncronization, please note that if you need further assistance, we have open the live chat support for your ease of direct communication with the support team — The chat window is from our official website It is a direct chat that is available 24/7 during Weekdays Monday to Friday.


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