Dear Trusted Delegates & Stakeholders,

Based on the previous announcement that we sent on 31st December 2018, we would like to express our appreciation towards entire Stakeholders that cooperate during this LIVE BETA-TESTING period for sending feedbacks to Entire feedbacks that we received are very helpful on this major optimization and improvements on our Multiplenodes architecture and we have rectified few of the issues and will still working on more upgrading from time to time until we end the BETA TESTING period (1 month). This is to ensure this high performance DDK DPOS platform enable to cater huge transactions of more than 180,000 existing users that we have currently.

Therefore currently we are still on track and entire developers are working very hard on delivering this functions and features on 9th January 2019 (Ukraine Time) as below big tasks (pointed out) that DDK Developers are focusing on:

1. Voting system for huge transaction and focusing on 4th voting

2. Server Performance for high database running

3. History synchronization for each transaction done in the platform

4. DDK Main-Net Explorer synchronization

5. Domain changes for secured link of IPs

6. Change engine for UI (User-Interface) from node express to Nginx

7. Fixing bugs that does not have logic in LISK as compared in DDK DPOS platform

8. Developing PG DB Master to solved issues on platform stability

9. Fixed Elasticsearch cache

In the Technical terms of the current critical developments are pointed out as below:

1. Change the transaction verification on before and after undo unconfirmed.

2. Add slave PG dB and connect Elasticsearch to it.

3. Install the Nginx server on the enter.

4. Split requests

5. Add cash

6. Add priorities of requests (internal/ external)

7. Install Webpack

8. Nginx for explorer

9. Fix get bytes transactions

In addition, here we would also like to attached a letter wrote by CEO of the lead developer team from SK Consulting (Mr Ivan). However, please note that this is the translation being done from Ukraine language towards English. Thus, please pardon this team of any typo and grammatical error occurred and please focus on the content of the statement of the Developer team would like to express. In Summary of the content of this letter, we conclude that:

1. DDK corrected a lot of code and removed a lot of bugs that were found in LISK and managed to find and fixed.

2. As our goal is moving towards 100% decentralized, Masternodes as the 1st node is not suitable for Staking Rewards distribution and Multiplenodes that they have built is a solutions in developing full Blockchain.

3. Difficulties of integration between Masternodes and Multiplenodes huge database.

4. Completely rewrite the logic to make it fully decentralized in Multiplenodes.

5. Data migration must took care on its consistencies and integrity by fixing the differences, made corrections until we reached the results that we required on each of the transactions should be running in the platform.

6. To reconsider the architecture of the system and requirements to provide high performance nodes.

Therefore, by this 9th January 2019 DDK Developers will relaunched the DDK Main-Net for the above mentioned functions while they are still working ongoing nodes optimization for one month of the maximum capabilities that they required from entire Stakeholders to hang on. Thus, on the day of relaunching DDK DPOS Main-Net (will announce on 9th itself on the exact time) DDK Management will provide an official announcement as below to enable every Stakeholders to do their voting:

1. List of each users ( new domain link) will have access to one dedicated node for them to do transactions.

2. Other than the node dedicated for the users (recognized by wallet address) will not be able to log-in.

3. The number of users of the node will be limited to enable everyone to do transactions at 1 time.

4. Restart (Blockchain rebuilding) of the data from 28th December 2018. (a day before launching Multiplenodes)

5. Every users will start to do transactions starting from the date of 9th January 2019.

6. Solutions on limiting the load and doing certain actions enable the nodes for better performance.

7. Each Stakeholders may do entire features and functions except “SENDSTAKE” & withdraw “PENDING GB”.

On the other surprise note, we would like to announce to entire Stakeholders on another good news after a careful discussion with the DDK Top Management and thorough explanations to the developers on the critical concern of Stakeholders relating to the Staking Rewards of 10% block reduction to 8% remaining balance of blocks running since we launched DDK Main-Net on 31st August 2018 without receiving any Staking Rewards due to the platform development challenges. Thus, we would like to inform you that we have decided to re-calculate the block for 10% Staking Rewards distribution starting from the 1st Staking rewards distributed to the Stakeholders which is in 2019 and it is possible to implement due to this current huge/major optimization of the Multiplenodes blocks running in DDK Core Nodes. However, please give DDK Management and DDK Developers further time to elaborate more on this mechanisms and to set the blocks that will put on extension of the 10% Staking Rewards which we believed will create happiness towards majority of the Stakeholders. Please stay and keep posted on the latest news regarding this! 😊

We really hope that every Stakeholders will always stay loyal and keep on realizing that each and everyone of us have our own role and responsibilities in order to make this project successful. As promised, we still keep on moving towards our ultimate goal which is to be 100% decentralized and listing in Coin Market Capped. Apologized for any inconvenient along the way to reach the goal however we really appreciate the supports and loyalty of entire Stakeholders towards this project.

In any latest updates and development of DDK Developers task and due date you may read from this link — & for those who have deeper understanding on coding and DDK Core you may read from this link —

P/S: Kindly refer to the attachment below on the letter from CEO SK Consulting. The actual copy you may request from DDK Management team.


Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Happy Holiday to ALL!

Project CEO

Shuhada Zainal

-DDK Management-

Cc to Founders

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