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Greetings! Dear Stakeholders and Trusted Delegates,

As we all know that currently DDK Developers are working very hard to deliver on the NEW DDK CORE as per below updates and progress:

  1. — We have successfully built the CORE Stage 1 and New CORE Genesis Block in testing and monitoring period. After this has been done, we move to Stage 2 (12th March 2019) and preparing the new core to migrate from old date to new data.
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Therefore, as referred to below schedule (Please refer to Appendix 1), DDK Blockchain was successfully reloaded on 27th Feb 2019 and 6th March 2019. Based on both dates mentioned, average DDK Old CORE (Existing) can remain Block Time below one (1) minutes for about seven (7) to ten (10) hours. DDK Old CORE cannot last longer than that due to below reasons:

  1. Limitation on per block (10 second) for 25 transactions.
  2. Limitation on domain link capacity max 600–700 users per logged-in.
  3. Limitation of DDK Pool (unconfirmed transactions) for 1000 transactions.

Due to this analysis, its impact to the current DDK CORE are as below:

  1. Bugs happened.
  2. Maximum transactions for each block makes the core congested.
  3. Platform have a lot of pending transactions to handle due to more than capacity that the pool may cater (More than 1000 unconfirmed transactions).
  4. Need to rolled back transactions (reset) as per last block heights before that bugs happened.
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Due to the above impact to the DDK old CORE, DDK Developers has decided to continue on focusing the Stage 2 new DDK CORE development and there will be avoidance of DDK existing CORE reloading of blocks and taking resources on to maintain the blocks in the existing CORE. Thus, DDK Developers suggested to focus on delivering the 100% decentralized new CORE platform and continue the task as below:

  1. Prepare the new CORE to migrate old data to new data
  2. Work in progress for rounding blocks on the lost block
  3. API Implementation
  4. WebSocket transport implementation
  5. Adapt deploy for new CORE
  6. Activate Delegates (TD) Lists
  7. Testing on 1st transaction

Moreover, stakeholders may have the Domain Links to logged-in and view your assets that secured in DDK Blockchain and we will remain open the DDK Main-net platform for entire Stakeholders until further notice as at when DDK Management would like to deploy new CORE Main-net. Your asset will NEVER be lost and with its high-security of Blockchain, it will never be hacked as well as transparent in DDK Explorer — However to reiterate, there will be no more reloading of blocks for the current DDK CORE. — This statement will be superseded the schedule in APPENDIX 1

On the other hand, for DDK Wallet implementation on DDK Asset Issuing (DAI), it has been in progress since earlier improvement and now DDK Developers are concurrently focusing on this development due to the needs of the new CORE implementations. Please refer to this Trello link for latest updates — (APPENDIX 2)


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Moreover, from the Trello Link (progress) updates, we expected to launch the new DDK CORE on 25th March 2019 (Ukraine Time) . Therefore, there will be TD Gathering on 23rd March 2019 in order for DDK Developers to update directly to Trusted Delegates on the mechanisms of this new CORE implementation. Other than that, DDK Management are planning to update on below matters:

  1. Global Exchanger strategy
  2. Blockchain ecosystem discussion
  3. DDK Developer — SK Consulting (Ukraine) Skype conference — DDK new CORE
  4. Delegates Server maintenance & installation
  5. Trusted Delegates updates
  6. DDK Ambassador

This upgraded education that DDK Management will be provided to TDs is in the need of preparation for “Road to Global Exchangers”. Trusted Delegates will have further and deeper understanding on this DDK new CORE (100% Decentralized Blockchain platform) that will be re-brand as it is no longer remain as Hard-Fork from LISK since we have built our own new DDK Platform CORE whereby it has 10 times capacity as compared to LISK protocol! Be proud of this achievement as you are the DDK Token holders 😊

Thus, we hope for entire Stakeholders will keep posted on the latest updates. Let’s pray for the best genuine Stakeholders! -

Your Cooperation is highly appreciated.


Nurshuhada Zainal

Project CEO

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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