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Dear Trusted Delegates and Stakeholders,


From the last announcement a week ago, you will notice the amount of work the Developers and DDK Management have completed. And happy to add, we are currently working below timeline:

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Significant IMPROVEMENT — DDK Developers have managed to increase the DDK Blockchain Core capacity by 10 times from the current 25 transactions per block (originally designed and inherited from LISK). This new capacity translates to 250 transactions per block (per 10 seconds).

Why is this IMPORTANT? Reference below on the analysis of the Main-net (Productions) report when reloading Main-Net blocks (from 18/02/2019–24/02/2019):

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  1. User transactions at the maximum of 25 transactions per block on every Domain Link.
  2. Users continuously make transactions without checking Main-Net Block Time is at normal height (Less than 1 minute). It shows heavy traffic on the user transactions.
  3. Limited User Login (max. of 500 users) with imposed Admin Codes for separate transactions (VOTE, P2P, NEW STAKE). Distributed to Trusted Delegates (TDs) on uncontrollable scenarios as we have more than 180k users pushing the Main-Net by logging in and doing transactions above the maximum capacity (more than 1000 transactions).
  4. To go 100% decentralized with a stable and fully synchronized data before listing in Global Exchanger.
  5. Bugs and issues keep occurring in the present DDK Core due to maximization of transaction with limited capacity of the platform.
  6. It has been difficult to limit users who do not understand the current need to control the number of transactions while developers are working parallel on the new Core. Risked jeopardizing Stakeholders’ Assets when new the core has yet to be implemented.

Therefore, after analyzing the situation, with some in-depth discussions and consensus with the team of developers, we have concluded that the best mechanisms to be implemented before the launching of the Main-Net DDK with NEW CORE, is to put on reloading Main-Net BY SCHEDULEshown below in order to allow developers to focus on finalizing the NEW CORE of DDK Main-net:

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*Domain Links and Admin Code will be given to your Trusted Delegates*

Kindly be informed, as we are moving towards the 1st GLOBAL EXCHANGERS (SIMEX) listing, we MUST ensure that this planning will be achieved by END OF MARCH. Therefore, when Main-Net reloading (to normal block height TIME) with the assistance from TDs, users may do transactions for the purpose of VOTING, NEW ACCOUNT and NEW STAKE. Any withdrawal or liquidation of Staking Rewards must be done in Global Exchangers — SIMEX. As an option, users may also choose to transact through the following mechanism:

  1. P2P BUY & SELL
  2. TD matching mechanisms for BUY & SELL (Decentralized network) —
  3. Users own RESTAKE account

It is important to note that, we need to allow Developers to focus on building the NEW CORE and reduce the traffic in the present core. However for DDK Management, we will focus on meeting the requirements set for listing in Global Exchangers (GE) and have allocated the Pre-Mined amount for GE as can be referred to from the following link —

In anticipation to entering the Global Exchange, here are the pricing mechanism that Management provided as the based price as per link shown —

Kindly refer attachment as shown below; use this as the indicator of pricing when you display your price/rate for “WE BUY” & “WE SELL” for the P2P based price:

  1. DDK/USD — 180.513
  2. DDK/BTC — 0.045
  3. DDK/ETH — 1.55
  4. DDK/DNC — 0.9

In addition to this, DDK Management will continuously work with Trusted Delegates in organizing events and activities promoting this new Blockchain Technology. Kindly refer to your TDs on the scheduled Education Session. (Starting from 1st March 2019 onwards)

With the end in mind, it is our hope we will reach our 1st DDKOIN listing in Global Exchanger — SIMEX with a smooth implementation with the enhanced modifications of DDK DPOS Core platform, in which we will have 201 Delegate Servers installed running a 100% Decentralized network.

Kindly refer below for your details monitoring on developer task updates:

Keep the faith as Stakeholders and SUCCESS will be ours!


Nurshuhada Zainal

Project CEO

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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