Open letter from DDK Project CEO — Nurshuhada Zainal — 27th January 2019 — English Translation

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Dear Stakeholders of DDK,

Greetings to all and thank you for your continued support and patience in anticipation of your 4th vote on the DDK platform.

Kindly refer to the official statement by Mr Skrypka Ivan, CEO of SK-CONSULTING LLC dated January 16, 2019 can be referred to via the following link:

For the latest information, please be sure to read the official announcement issued by the DDK management through the following channels:

  1. DDK BLOG:
  2. Github:
  3. Trello:

We append below the pertinent facts and information of the development throughout the migration process of the DDK platform;

  1. During the last DDK Symposium event, the Lead Team Developer has issued a statement that the migration process from “Masternode” to ‘Multiplenode’ will take 3 weeks from the date of DDK Symposium Council at PSB Academy, Singapore which was held on 24/11/2018.
  2. The ‘Multiplenode’ platform was successfully launched on the 29/12/2018. However, SK Consulting Team did not anticipate any technical issues in that they must perform ‘Major Optimization’ in order to stabilize the DDK platform.
  3. On 09/01/2019, SK Consulting Team re-launched the DDK platform. Neither DDK Management nor the Developers’ Team had ever closed (DISABLED) the Main-Net but only converted to a few SubDomains Links which were provided to Trusted Delegates (TD). The goal was to make sure that every transaction was run gradually and in phases.
  4. The purpose of ‘Major Optimization’ is to ensure all data (from the ETPS platform) in the migration process have a smooth transaction. This is the best to ensure the users (Stakeholders) can perform the transaction perfectly.
  5. Upon completion of the ‘soft fork’, there are 2 types of network i.e. ‘REPRODUCTION’ (Testnet) and ‘PRODUCTION’ (Mainnet) in DDK Multiple-Node Platform.
  6. To check the validity of this transaction, please refer to the link: —
  7. To check the stability of the created block, please refer to the link:
  8. On 19/01/2019, Main- Net was re-launched upon feedback by Trusted Delegates Beta Testers, whereas the Main-Net platform needed to be restored to ensure stability before being fully launched to all communities.
  9. On 23/01/2019 SK Consulting Team re-launched the Main- Net DDK Platform with added server’s capacity to enable transactions to run on a larger scale.

Please refer to the attachment below issued by SK Consulting Party:

Schedule of Main- Net launch:

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Based on the above information, DDK management has found that SK-Consulting has to ensure that optimum performance for every system improvements.

We were also made to understand that the actions taken by the SK-Consulting are to ensure that the “BLOCK” created is stable and will not have any problem in the future. This is imperative for DDK platform for benefit of the whole community.

Please refer to the following example whereby a BLOCK created has is found to have ‘bugs’ that could be resolved at the ‘BACK END’. If this technical problem is not resolved promptly, this will result in future ‘BLOCK’ created to stop running.

Please refer to Appendix 2.0 below:

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At this point, the Final Phase, will be crucial to establish the stability of the DDK Platform.

We wish to emphasize that the Main-Net platform has never been closed [DISABLED|.

DKK Management shared the sub-domain links ONLY to Trusted Delegates to facilitate ‘closed-group testing’. This is to ensure that any fear that the ‘stakeholders’ have of this situation are addressed during the testing period. Management does not practice favoritism. As part of their responsibilities, the Trusted Delegates are to follow Management’s directives to safeguard the DDK Platform. For the benefit of the entire community, all forms of engagement such as ‘testing-mode’ will only be performed foremost by the Trusted Delegates.

This is in line with the mission / vision that Trusted Delegate act as the main representatives after DDK management. If you are a stakeholder and want to participate in the testing-mode, please email us at for further information.

Based on the above progress, DDK management has concluded that overall, the DDK platform will complete all development issues such as ‘Global Exchanger’, ‘SENDSTAKE’, Function ‘PENDING GB’, and DAI in the first (1st) Quarter of 2019 (Jan — March).

We hope that everyone will give his/her full cooperation at this crucial period. DDK management never gave up despite the challenges. Some people have tried to capitalize on this situation for their own interests and agenda. There is no doubt that full cooperation and support from the whole community is vital to our continued commitment of the original purpose to ensure that the development of the ecosystem is according to plan.

Some parties have also questioned the credibility and reputation of the Trusted Delegates / Team Developers. We would like to emphasize that management / Trusted Delegates / Team Developers have been entrusted with their respective responsibilities and to carry out their duties without the need to prove the credibility of their reputation.

The DDK platform is the first (forked) DPOS protocol migration process performed from ‘centralized’ platform to ‘decentralized’ platform. Once the DDK Platform is 100% Decentralized (Open Source Network), the DDK Platform will become the FIRST in the world to successfully transform / on modifications almost 75% DPOS logic protocol and original algorithm on the LISK Platform.

After more than half being transformed, this Protocol will be renamed as a new protocol in the blockchain industry.

The latest date that this platform was launched was on 27th January, 2019. Should all technical issues “bugs” be successfully overcome and fixed, all transactions as listed below would be performed on a wide scale (please refer to your Trusted Delegates) however we need to ensure that maximum 500 users / Stakeholders at one time login (per Sub-Domain Link) at this moment as “SNAPSHOT” could probably be executed in the first week of launch.

Among the transactions that can be done are as follows:

  1. LOGIN
  5. SEND (P2P)

Kindly refer to the Trusted Delegates (TD) for further information before attempting any transaction. Make sure that before the transaction is executed, the height of the DDK Blockchain must have a duration of less than (1) minutes from the last block created.

Stakeholders are advised to minimize P2P transaction (where possible) to known parties only for the probability of SNAPSHOT occurring during the first week of launch.

For details of the latest ‘Bugs’ wagering and troubleshooting works, please refer to this link:

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In summary, let me remind you once again that:

  1. You may only commence transaction starting from the 27th of January 2019, when block is less than one minute ago.
  2. SNAPSHOT will be ready upon completion of bug-fixing issues expected to take one week from the latest launching date (27th of January 2019).
  3. Once fixing of bug is completed, you may execute transaction. (Please refer to Trello link provided)
  4. Please be reminded and extra careful when dealing with for peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction during this period as you MUST recognized and aware who you are dealing with during this period.

At this juncture, I as the DDK Project CEO; Nurshuhada Zainal, sincerely hope that the entire community involved either directly or indirectly will continue to render us support to continue with all the planning set out in the “Road Map”. Every challenge and delay that we have faced were beyond our control. I would also like to emphasize that every asset owned by ‘stakeholders’ is safe in the DDK platform using the DPOS protocol. Our DDK Team will endeavor to continue our commitment to realize DDK’s MISSION and VISION for the future of the entire community.

Thank you. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.

Best Regards,
Project CEO

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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