Powerful Vision of Arai Ezzra On Blockchain Technology

Kosmo! Newspaper Publishes “Powerful Vision of Arai Ezzra On Blockchain Technology”.

On Monday (16th November 2020), Mr Sairul Zamri Misrani from Kosmo! Newspaper interviewed Datuk Muhd Azrainuddin about the DDK Blockchain.

In the interview, he shared about his hard work and continuous efforts to start a digital financial business for the past 7 years. Datuk Muhd Azrainuddin said that he has set a strong vision and objective to develop the digital financial technology in the country and empower the entire world with it in the future.

During the interview he shed light on his previous activities including what he did before getting involved in the field of blockchain and digital finance. Then he highlighted his reasons of choosing the blockchain field after moving on to the challenges he and his team faced throughout venturing into the field of blockchain.

He further shared his opinions on the blockchain technology and its many use cases that can help many countries. He also gave advice and tips to the youth and anyone interested in blockchain or cryptocurrency.

Despite the fact that development of blockchain technology used to be a rare thing in Malaysia, the efforts of Datuk Muhd Azrainuddin made it well known in the country and this has spurred the growth and acceptance of this technology in the region.