We have learned about Cancer and its types. Prevention from cancer is also a very important part which we need to learn, understand, and share in our social circle as well as most cancer patients notice its symptoms quite late. Now we will look at the best ways of preventing Cancer.🤝

Cancer can be caused due to our habits and negligence. There are multiple ways through which we can prevent and stop spreading cancer.👨‍🏫

DDK Foundation and DUREF jointly are focused to ensure the sharing of cancer-related knowledge so that we all can contribute to saving the lives of others.💪

You can start by putting an end to your smoking habit and also avoiding passive smoking. This can be reinforced by eating a healthy and balanced diet.

This includes steering clear of processed meats and alcohol. Staying protected from the sun, getting vaccinated and regular checkups from the doctor can also help you save yourself from cancer. For more info, you may read here:


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