Soon be launching DDK Blockchain Core 2.1

Hi DDK Stakeholders,😀

We got some good news for you! The DDK Platform will soon be launching DDK Blockchain Core 2.1📢

It’s going to be great because there will be many new features included in the DDK new core. These changes will include a New Payment Address and Improved Key and Cryptographic Signatures that will be powered by ECDSA Algorithm.💪

The new core will come complete with built-in smart contracts that will be great for everyone active on DDK Blockchain Technology. For extra security the new core will be offering Multi-signatures Capabilities and Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets.👏

Apart from the eagerly awaited Native Assets such as Token Issuance/DAI, the new core will be faster than before as it will be supported by multiple-thread CPUs. Users will be able to enjoy Enhanced Network Capabilities and they will also be given a chance to increase their DDK pool through the availability of on-chain referrals.

With all these new features we believe the DDK Blockchain Core 2.1 will be a great betterment for all DDK Stakeholders. We are excited for its launch! Are you?

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