The difference between DDK and ETPS & why DDK is better

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DDK is a network that offers economic opportunities to its community members through the blockchain technology. Since its inception, the community has been introducing various ideas to allow users to collaborate in a business partnership using the DDK platform and its currency.

DDK is actually an extension of our previous platform called ETPS (Estimated Time Pool Sharing), where the currency named DNC (Dinar Coin) was used. DNC is a digital asset holding value of 4.25 grams of 999.9 karat gold (24K). The second half of 2017 was the transition phase, when ETPS was converted into DDK platform, with the integration of blockchain technology.

When the ETPS platform was converted into DDK platform, it was decided to make use of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) to establish consensus — in order to make the platform more secure, efficient and democratic. In 2018, the ETPS platform was completely ceased to develop DDK interface. Let’s have a look at the points that differentiate ETPS and DDK platforms.




Major Elements

DDK User: Every individual having DDKoins in their digital wallet.

Stakeholder: DDK user who stakes DDKoins and participates in voting.

Delegates: Stakeholders with the right to validate the transactions on DDK platform.

ETPS User: Everyone who owns DNC (Dinar Coin).

Pool Partner: Every individual who joins ETPS Pool.

Int. Crypto Exchanger: One who handles the exchange.



DNC (Dinar Coin)


Decentralized network using LISK technology.

Centralized network using normal server.


DDK platform using DPoS structure.

ETPS using PHP structure.


Using Global Exchanger

Using International Crypto Exchanger (ICE) or Master International Crypto Exchanger (MICE)

Profit Generation

Gains generated by voting the delegates.

Gains generated automatically by the system.


Bound to Singapore rules and regulation

Bound to offshore rules and regulation

These were the major differences between the DDK and ETPS platforms and the reasons for migrating the ETPS users to DDK community.

DDK uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) algorithm for its platform, which perfectly fits in DDK community because it allows stakeholders to participate in the voting process to choose delegates. Delegates can later verify and maintain the transactions on the platform. It means the community members have a democratic voice in deciding the individuals (delegates) responsible for managing the transactions on the platform. This is particularly good if you want security of your cryptocurrency while having a go at enjoying various benefits. If you feel interested in joining the DDK community, you can get some DDKoins from our trusted delegates. You can find them on our Facebook page or you can simply send a request here and we will have some of our trusted delegates contact you.

DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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