The Future of Technology: How Will the ‘Metaverse’ Change the World?

The Covid-19 pandemic has already been an ordeal to the corporate world, where it makes employees need to work remotely and forces people to adjust their real and virtual life. Since there is no sign yet when this Covid-19 pandemic will end, everyone needs to be adept with the pandemic lifestyle which is half of our daily life activities will be going virtually. Due to this, people have discovered that working remotely has opened the door to new opportunities for collaboration, growth, and success, even though it all seemed scary at the start of the global pandemic.

How did Metaverse change the future?

The ability of metaverse to integrate the physical and virtual world enables it to assimilate virtual reality and mixed reality in several everyday activities such as entertainment, manufacturing, health care, collaboration, sports, and training. The future of work in the metaverse is much more efficient, streamlined and convenient for employees and employers alike. In the metaverse, people are able to live their lives digitally, where they can work, play, communicate, and fight with others, just as they would do in real life.

The future of commerce also won’t be the same as well. During pandemics, online shopping and deliveries have become the new standard, and metaverse can help to accelerate this trend. Customers will no longer need to visit physical stores to try new products before purchasing. VR and AR experiences will allow the exploration of brands and their offerings from the comfort of customers’ homes. Through VR and AR, customers are able to experience physical simulations by seeing the product they want to purchase virtually but still getting the same vibe as they visit the store physically. On the other hand, the metaverse will also enable more interactive in-store experiences. VR and AR sets will make it possible to try a variety of products within the store, no matter if the product is in stock or not.

The manufacturing sector always undergoes a complicated process. However, with VR and AR experiences to run the simulations of a factory’s production process, company managers can identify and analyze how the work can be done more efficiently and safely, without testing the changes physically. It is reported that German carmaker BMW has simulated one of their manufacturing facilities to plan their production process more accurately. It also helps engineers to build a model of a component in the virtual space, and enter its inner structure for observation and optimization before it can be produced in the physical world.

People often say to embrace change, but this is a particularly big change to embrace. The Covid-19 is forcing people around the world to immerse themselves in the digital world. Metaverse can have massive implications for society in several parts and can further extend the horizons of technology in people’s everyday lives. For sure it is already shaking the world and will continue to do so.






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DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain.

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