The True Nature of DDKOIN and DDK Technology in Islamic Perspective

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While being a prominent crypto and blockchain platform, we often come across questions such as:

Does DDK offer Halal Technology?

Is DDKOIN shariah-compliant?

Is it halal to invest in cryptocurrency?

Understanding the crypto world and platform you are investing is essential. The speculative nature of cryptocurrency has always been prompting a debate among Islamic world over its permissibility. It is due to the non-permissible nature of Gharar Transaction in Shariah where a buyer does not have access to the asset or does not know what he is buying or investing in. Further, elements of high volatility or an undefined profit and loss margin, uncertain outcomes we observe in a few cryptocurrencies underscores its non-permissibility.

Let us tell you the reasons for permissible nature of DDKOIN.

It is Stable:

However, the DDK platform does not operate on these principles. Those who are associated with DDK platform are better aware of the fact that DDK community strives hard to keep the outcomes predictable. It is responsible for the stability of DDKOIN price and value mitigating uncertainty ensuring the investors that they will not have to face big crashes. Whereas in several other prominent currencies, the aspect of a steep decline in crypto rate, panic in selling activities affect prices drastically resulting in the loss of a substantial amount of money.

To support the stance, by observing DDKOIN trend since May 30, 2019, you can see stability in our support price that is $25.

It’s Not Gharar:

As far as you don’t know what you have paid for or invested in, you can declare transaction as Gharar. But, when you know the nature of your investment, it’s no more lies under Gharar. Further, it is not limited to it, but after purchasing DDKOIN, you instantly receive them in your wallet which means that you don’t only know what you are investing in but also have access to it. Within 10 seconds of the transaction takes place your wallet tops up with updated DDKOINs amount, hence getting DDKOINs on time with no delays.

Moreover, it also ensures transparency and monitoring. You can also find the record of each transaction on explorer in a few seconds of its occurrence. It does not support the get-rich-quick model but believes in transparent and stable nature of cryptocurrency favoring the majority of the community’s interests. We believe that by observing all the principles mentioned above, not only Muslims but also Non-Muslims can gain the maximum advantage of cryptocurrency.

For more updates and answers to your queries about DDK Technology and DDKOIN, stay connected with us.

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