On Thursday, 13th June 2019, A trusted delegates gathering was held at Blockspace, Malaysia. The ceremony was powered by DDKoin and Dinar Exchanger to give exposure about DINEX and to provide DDK updates from the Top Management and Developers to Trusted Delegates and Sub-Delegates who were attending this event. More than 100 people of Trusted Delegates and Sub-Delegates which comprises blockchain industry enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from all over Asia attended the event.

The session began at 11:00 am and continued till 11:00 pm that concluded with the Eid Celebration. The registration started at 10.00 am according to local time at Kuala Lumpur.

Session I:

The first session started with the prayer recital followed by an official opening by emcee who introduced the speaker of the day. Subsequently, CCO DINEX Exchanger, MR. Maulana Hasanuddin started his session by giving tips and tricks on choosing Crypto products, ICO & Pre ICO Strategy to avoid the scam. He also explained HODL term in crypto industry. Mr. Maulana ended his session by educating the attendees on trading tips on Exchanger platform to empower them with advanced trading knowledge.

Next, Ms. Nelissa from DDK Support Team beganthe session by introducing her support team members that worked for 24 hours per day from Monday to Friday. She explained the function of support team and how they work on assisting all users that faced problems with their account. According to Nelissa users could contact support team through DDK live chat and email at and her team would reply to them in real-time from Monday to Friday.

Ms. Shuhada Zainal, the Project CEO of DDK Project end the first session by sharing the Mission and Vision Statement of DDK Project to all attendees. She also explained on the DDK roadmap and the future deployment to be released to reach the goals of DDK Project. Further, she provided a brief glance on the features and benefits of DDK New Core, Arai-Ezzra-Proof-Of-Stake (AEPOS) towards DDK Platform. During her session, Ms. Shuhada also provided updates on Trusted Delegates activity, functioning of DDK Foundation and the business potential for DDK in Global market.

Session II:

The second session started with emcee announcing the arrival of the Master Founder, Yang Hormat (YH) Dato’ Arai Ezzra, Co-Founder, Yang Hormat (YH) Datin Nur Ezdiani Baharoddin, Project CEO of DDK Project, Ms Shuhada Zainal and DDK Developer, Mr. Ivan Skrypka, CEO of ESKA from Ukraine.

During the second session, Mr. Ivan Skrypka CEO of ESKA from Ukraine has discussed updates on technical aspects of DDK platforms, the status of trusted Delegates node and server, and the security that DDK platform used. Mr. Ivan also mentioned his new initiative of rebranding his company from SK-Consulting to ESKA. During his speech, he also introduced his team members from ESKA and shared how his team has worked hard to ensure that DDK platform can run smoothly. He also shared his opinion about DDK future and its potential in the eyes of the world.

The Master Founder of DDK, Yang Hormat (YH) Dato’ Arai Ezzra delivered the next address. He briefed the audience about the DDK and its future potential. He started his session by informing the audience about the future potential price for DDK and sharing the strategy on what should all stakeholders do on the early period of DDK being listing on exchanger. He concluded his session by educating all attendees with the best strategies to adopt while operating in the blockchain industry.

The second session was following Q&A session with Mr. Ivan Skrypka, CEO of ESKA and Yang Hormat (YH) Dato’ Arai Ezzra, Master Founder of DDK.

Session III:

The wrap up session which was EID Celebration with all Trusted Delegates and Sub-Delegates started at 9.00 pm. It began with emcee introduction and prayer recitation, followed by the arrival of the Master Founder, Yang Hormat (YH) Dato’ Arai Ezzra, Co-Founder, Yang Hormat (YH) Datin Nur Ezdiani Baharoddin, and VIP guest. The organizers passed heartfelt thanks to everyone who devoted their time and efforts to made the event prosperous. The event concluded with a lush supper having both traditional and international cuisine, savory dishes, and deserts.

To sum up, “behind each successful event, there is a team that devotes its passion, time, and hard work.”

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