What Fee DDK Charges its Stakeholders?

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DDK is a community centered platform that aims at creating economic opportunities by developing numerous blockchain solutions. To run the community smoothly, offer unrivaled services, and maintain the system, they have developed a complete plan of the fee that applies to the stakeholders and delegates too. In the following post, we will discuss all fee types applied by DDK during transactions in the community.

For sending transaction, you need to have some balance in form of DDKoin. You need to pay a specific amount as a fee to DDK. DDK charges a fee equals 0.01% of the amount to be transferred.

For voting, 0.01% of the staked amount will be deducted per vote. For the second passphrase registration in DDK wallet, 0.01 DDKoin is required. You need to pay 10 DDKoins to get registered as an applicant for becoming a delegate, 0.1 DDKoin for multi-signature registration, and 10% of the staked amount will be charged when peer-2-peer transfer of staked DDKoins will be made. The details of all transactions are here for your consideration:

Fee for Peer-2-Peer Transaction

Through this transaction, you will be able to transfer of DDKoins from one account to another. It is called type 0 transaction and acquires 53 bytes as a data block. The fee is fixed at 0.01% of the amount to be transferred.

Fee for Second Passphrase registration in DDK Wallet

DDK uses second passphrase registration for registering a second passphrase. We call it type 1 transaction and it uses 85 bytes of data block. The fee has been fixed at 0.01 DDKoins.

Fee for Delegate Registration Transaction

To register yourself as a delegate, you need to go through a delegate register transaction (type 3). The data block of this transaction can be up to 73 bytes and the fee is 10 DDKoins fixed.

Fee for Vote Transaction

To vote for delegates, DDK offers vote transaction. You need to pay 0.01% of the staked DDKoins as transaction fee for the participation in elections.

Fee for Multi-signature Registration Transaction

To add multi-signature in an account, you need to pass through a multi-signature registration transaction by paying a fee of 0.1 DDKoins.

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