When is the best time to Buy and Sell Digital Currency?

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“When is the best time to trade digital currency in the cryptocurrency market?”

If you are a crypto trader then you must have come across this million-dollar question. Interestingly, you are not the only one thinking this question. Its something that lingers in the mind of every crypto trader. To be honest, trading cryptos is just like trading traditional assets. You have to observe the price movements of digital currencies. When it comes to trading strategies, market timing becomes rather debatable. In essence, you need to predict the price fluctuations to have a strong trading strategy in the market. For these predictions you will need to have technical and fundamental market analyses along with a deep understanding of global economic conditions.

How is timing strategy vital in cryptocurrency investing?

When we are talking about crypto investing, we are talking about a relatively new market so there are always some fluctuations here and there. But new markets also offer the highest room for growth and if you are timing your investments correctly, there are high chances that you will end up with some excellent profits.

When you are investing in a crypto currency such as the DDK, you must have a deep understanding of the DDK platform. DDK is unique as it offers compatibility with micro payments and comes complete with an ecommerce platform that supports buying and selling of every day necessities (https://ddkoin.com/merchant/list). This makes it a highly usable coin. You can either use it to buy something or hold on to it and wait for it to gain value. In the latter case we advise you to know about the security of your digital assets, its price history, and recurring patterns as these factors will help you in making an educated guess. The more you know how the market works, the better it will be for you and you will be able to take higher risks. High risks usually come with good pay offs.

So, when can you buy and when can you sell?

If we were to give you a simple answer, we’ll tell you that the best time to invest in crypto was when the prices were low and sell when the prices were high. If you are looking for the second-best time to invest in cryptos, then it could be right now. You can always register at the DDK forum to learn and get update about DDK https://forum.ddkoin.com/register/. Still, we recommend that you read the whitepaper first to understand how the DDK platform works and what benefits we have in store for you. You may refer this link https://ddkoin.com/documentation/DDK_Whitepaper_V1.2.pdf

At DDK Foundation, we are always giving our educational material related to the blockchain technology through our Mutant Blockchain Academy. You can like out Facebook page to get timely notifications on the educational sessions that we offer at regular intervals. https://www.facebook.com/MutantBlockchainAcademy/.

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